August 2013

Anyone faced with the decision on how to waterproof concrete has 3 basic options:  a barrier, drainage or an integral solution. The good news is that integral solutions have become so advanced, that the choice is now an easy one.  3rd generation crystalline admixtures, like PENETRON ADMIX, not only protect concrete for its designed service life but will significantly increase it. This is done by virtually reducing permeability to zero. The science of reducing concrete permeability and thereby increasing durability has been firmly established. Moreover, such admixtures will avoid internal vapor build-up and provide self-healing of future cracks.

This led the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to recommend crystalline admixtures as the only PRAH (Permeability Reducing Admixture for concrete under Hydrostatic pressure, as defined by ACI Report 212R)

In this newsletter, we showcase how this technology is providing durable concrete on a variety of projects around the world, the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil, Burrows Road tunnel in Sydney, Talkatora swimming complex in Delhi and Mangaun in Johannesburg.

Jozef Van Beeck
Director International Sales & Marketing

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PENETRON Technology Kicks Off Brazil Sporting Events


Sao Paulo Metro, Brazil


Burrows Road Tunnel in Sydney, Australia


Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, India


Mangaun Intermodal Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa

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PENETRON Technology Kicks Off Brazil Sporting Events

Over the next three years, Brazil will host three of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, including the World Cup and Summer Olympics. The massive infrastructure upgrades now underway include sizeable extensions to the mass-transit system in São Paulo; a recent key subway line extension to the Metropolitano de São Paulo included PENETRON technology. Further, PENETRON products were chosen for 7 stadiums, Metro Barra in Rio de Janeiro, the GRU Airport extension in Sao Paulo and the Athletes City in Rio de Janeiro.

São Paulo Metrô

The global sporting events in Brazil include the Confederations Cup (a World Cup warm-up tournament) held this summer, the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Summer Olympics. As Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo has embarked on comprehensive upgrades to the public transportation system to manage the expected surge in tourism to the city.

The Metropolitano de São Paulo (commonly called Metrô) is the main rapid-transit system in São Paulo and the largest in Brazil. The recently added Line 4 is 12.8km long with 11 stations along the entire route. It is expected to serve close to one million users every day – even before the sporting events come to town.

Working with Odebrecht, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez, OAS and Queiróz Galvão, contractors and well-known civil works engineers, PENETRON ADMIX was approved after numerous compatibility, durability and performance tests. PENETRON ADMIX helped increase resistance to water penetration and improve concrete durability of all 11 of the Line 4 underground stations.

The performance of PENETRON ADMIX as a PRAH was a key factor in its specification. Moreover, including PENETRON ADMIX in the ready-mix concrete gave the construction team a scheduling advantage.

Burrows Road Tunnel in Sydney, Australia

Burrows Road Tunnel was constructed by Abergeldie for Ausgrid (previously Energy Australia) to house 6 x 132kV cable circuits as part of a newly reconfigured network from the Beaconsfield South Substation.  The watertight tunnel was constructed using a trenchless pipe-jack method and an Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM).  The EPBM, usually capable of boring 2100mm diameter, was upgraded to cut the specified diameter of 2800mm. 28 liner segments, 2800mm in diameter, 410mm thick, and 3000mm long, were pipe-jacked to construct the watertight tunnel. The actual boring process took 10 days at an average rate of 8.4 meters per day.

The tunnel dimensions, site location, soil conditions and multiple stakeholder interfaces presented extreme technological challenges.  The soil was rank with two centuries of industrial contaminants and so saturated with ground water that an on-site detention system had to be setup, water samples taken and analyzed, and disposal of contaminated water arranged. This process required strict monitoring as space restrictions allowed storage of only a limited volume of water; collection trucks were arranged.  The launch and receive pits were sunk eight meters into the contaminated soil. The project also included outfitting the tunnel with cable support brackets, and refitting the pits for later use as tunnel maintenance access points.

PENETRON Australia worked with Demlakian, the design consultants, and Abergeldie to provide a watertight structure based on the PENETRON system to meet the client’s (Ausgrid) requirements. PENETRON ADMIX was utilized for all concrete elements for both the launching shaft and receiving shaft to protect against water ingress under extreme conditions. All construction joints and pipe penetration within the shafts were sealed with PENEBAR SW waterstops. Formed tie holes were filled with PENEPLUG, and PENECRETE MORTAR.



Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, India

Also known as the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool Complex, the Talkatora Stadium was totally renovated in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. The entire complex was transformed into a state-of the-art swimming venue confirming to international standards, and seating capacity was boosted to over 5,000.

The Olympic-size racing and diving pools were completely redone using PENECRETE MORTAR, PENETRON and PENETRON ADMIX as well as PENEBAR SW-45. The most critical part was sealing the old underwater windows in the racing pool; critically weak areas of the water holding structure. This area was successfully treated with PENEBAR SW-45 in the window joints and concrete containing PENETRON ADMIX to fill the voids.

A new warm-up pool was added below the stands. A combination of PENETRON ADMIX and PENEBAR SW-45 was also used to completely seal the newly constructed warm up pool.

All work was completed to the full satisfaction of the main contractor M/s Ahluwalia Contracts (India) and the client, Central Public Works Department (CPWD). A total of 5,084m2 of pool concrete surface was treated with PENETRON, 316m3 PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was used for the existing pools and the warm up pool. A total of 2,043 meters of existing construction joint was repaired with PENECRETE MORTAR and PENEBAR SW-45 was placed in 360m of new construction joints and around pipe penetrations.

Mangaun Intermodal Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa

Situated in the heart of Bloemfontein, 400km south-west of Johannesburg, the US$53-million Mangaung Intermodal Centre project is one of South Africa's 2010 Soccer World Cup legacy projects. The multi-story transportation center can handle 900 minibus taxis, buses (BRT) and long-distance coaches – and features retail shopping areas. Sky bridges and vertical stair-wells link the center to adjacent railway and commuter bus stations. The architects are Incline Architects and the engineers are VelaVKE.

PENETRON ADMIX was specified in 28,000m3 of concrete in the public areas to strengthen the concrete and prolong the life of the building, which is now a waterproof and maintenance-free facility.

View recommendation from the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works.