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PENETRON Plant Expansion Complete
Penetron® worldwide
Hellenic Petroleum Company, Elefsina, Greece
Boguchany Dam, Russia
Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Mulemba Sewage Treatment Plant, Vitoria (ES), Brazil
Penetron products significantly increase the durability of concrete structures.

















An intricate web of insoluble crystals forms in the presence of Penetron® and H2O creating a permanent protective seal
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Integral Concrete Waterproofing
Penetron® Industry Newsletter
January 2013

First of all, we wish our readership a happy and successful 2013 !

We are delighted to report that the expansion of our PENETRON plant in Allentown (PA), USA is now complete. The increased capacity will allow us to respond to customer and production requests even faster and more efficiently than before (see below for more details).

The PENETRON brand continues to deliver on the promise of unparalleled quality and performance. PENETRON ADMIX has grown into our star performer, as more specifiers and key decision makers around the globe realize the unique benefits of working with the only 3rd generation crystalline admixture on the market.

Please take a look at some of our newest projects in our ‘Penetron Worldwide’ section below; they are part of a remarkable track record of success.

Jozef Van Beeck
Director, International Sales & Marketing

PENETRON Plant Expansion Complete

“Expanding our blending facility in Pennsylvania is part of our international growth strategy,” explains Christopher Chen, Director PENETRON International. “For example, we are in the process of meeting ISO 14001 requirements to help us put an effective environmental management system in place; this will improve our resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs.”

While the company is streamlining systems to meet ISO 14001 guidelines, efforts were also made to evaluate and improve almost every process: “We looked at how to improve the way we do business to optimize our processes beyond the ISO standards. The results make us one of the cleanest, most efficient and productive facilities in the business,” says Christopher Chen.

During the past year, PENETRON also installed a new state-of-the-art automated dispensing and bagging system to increase production of the PENETRON ADMIX Soluble Bag product.  This packaging solution has been extremely successful and demand is rising steadily, which required additional capital investments to meet the projected growth.

Kyle Jornow, Plant Manager, adds: “We now have enough flexibility to guarantee prompt dispatch of orders – even during peak production periods.”

Penetron® worldwide
Mulemba Sewage Treatment Plant, Vitoria (ES), Brazil

In 2010, Espirito Santo’s Sanitation (CESAN) expanded the Mulemba sewage treatment plant, located in the Joan D’Arc neighborhood in Vitoria. This project almost triples the plant’s capacity, from 200 liters per second (l/s) to 560 l/s of treated sewage. Once the project is completed, the Mulemba plant will absorb sewage from all surrounding networks in an effort to provide clean water to the city of Vitoria and the surrounding region. This will make Vitoria the first Brazilian state capital with 100% treated sewage.

The expansion is part of the Espirito Santo Water and Coastal Pollution Management Project for Brazil, which aims to increase CESAN’s coverage of water supply and basic sanitation services for the metropolitan region of Grande Vitoria as well as the adoption of higher technical standards to better respond to environmental concerns.

The US$13.7 million project will benefit residents in 51 districts of Vitoria. The sewage treatment technology employed at the Mulemba plant is among the most modern in the world. The effluent (treated sewage) is disinfected by ultraviolet rays before leaving the plant, where it is introduced back into a mangrove forest area. Replenishing the wetlands and beaches with treated water is key to preserving the local ecosystem. This ultimately benefits the health and quality of life for residents of Vitoria.

The PENETRON system was applied on the positive side of all water-holding structures and PENEBAR SW was installed in all construction joints to seal against water penetration. This solution will protect the new concrete structures against water ingress and chemical attack.

Hellenic Petroleum Company, Elefsina, Greece

The expansion of the new refinery unit of Hellenic Petroleum Company began in late 2009. 

The new construction includes an underground network to collect and recirculate residual products from the refinery.  The underground work also included the construction and sealing/repairing of 1,000 reinforced concrete wells (total volume: 4,000m3). The reinforced concrete will be fully sealed and protected from corrosion, concrete carbonation and chloride penetration to deal with the area’s corrosive ground water. An additional requirement was protection against chemical attack from the high chemical load of the plants’ refined by-products.

The project engineer chose PENETRON ADMIX to best address all waterproofing and protection requirements with a single solution.  PENETRON GROUT and PENEBAR swellable-type waterstops were used to waterproof, seal and anchor the connection between the concrete wells and metal pipes (ø 100-800mm).

Boguchany Dam, Russia

The Boguchany Dam, located on the Angara River in Kodinsk (in Siberia) is set to start production in late 2012 and reach full capacity of 17.6 TWh by 2013.  The dam will be the largest in Russia. Most of the dam’s energy will be dedicated to a large new aluminum smelter set to open in 2013.

Construction on the dam started already in 1974, but was suspended and restarted several times over a 30-year period.  The first of nine turbines was installed in 2008 when construction finally restarted in 2007.

The dam is 2,587m long and combines a 774m long reinforced concrete segment with the power station and a 1,813m long rock-fill segment with an asphaltene-concrete diaphragm wall along its entire length.

Deterioration of some of the older concrete parts of the dam required repair and waterproofing in 2010.  Due to its ability to withstand high hydrostatic pressure even when applied from the negative side, the PENETRON system was chosen to treat a substantial amount of the concrete surfaces on this project; this included application of PENETRON, PENECRETE MORTAR, and PENETRON WATERPLUG.

Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Once it’s completed in 2013, the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio will be a state-of-the-art film and television production facility with easy access to the Asia Pacific region. The studios are located in Johor state as part of the Iskandar Malaysia development area on the southern tip of the Malaysia peninsula – close to Singapore.

The Pinewood Shepperton cinema giant partnered with Khazanah Nasional Bhd. (investment holding arm of the Malaysian government) to secure financing for the US$150 million project.  With a wide range of stunning locations easily accessible from the studios and the nearby production support hub of Media@Medini, the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios will be the new destination for the production of filmed entertainment in the Southeast Asia region.

The facility includes five stages ranging from 1,400-2,800m2 in size, with interior tanks, two TV studios with high-definition production equipment and seating for 1,400 people. The floor space for the production offices, dressing and hair & make-up rooms measures 3,150m2. The workshop adds an additional 3,300m2.  Post production facilities include editing rooms and a screening theatre. The 2-acre area is complemented by 30 acres (>12 hectares) of forest.

The PENETRON range of products was selected by a consultant team headed by GDP Architects, Malaysia’s leading architect firm.  Web Structures are the project’s structural engineers. Approximately 13,388m3 of PENETRON ADMIX were poured into the basement concrete structure, the 2,008m2 wet area was treated with PENETRON and the 4,107m2 RC roof was sprayed with PENESEAL PRO.

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