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Penetron at the Concrete Show India 2012
Penetron® Feature
Waterproofing with Penetron Admix
Penetron® Projects
BMM Ispat Steel Plant, Bellary, Karnataka
E Square, Noida
Global Tower – IT Park
Penetron products significantly increase the durability of concrete structures.

















An intricate web of insoluble crystals forms in the presence of Penetron® and H2O creating a permanent protective seal
Witness Penetron's crack sealing ability
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Integral Concrete Waterproofing
Penetron® India Industry Newsletter
July 2012

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our latest edition of the “Penetron India Industry Newsletter.” Highlights for this issue include:

  • The recent ‘Concrete Show India 2012,’ the largest concrete trade show in India
  • Penetron Admix – the leading concrete durability formula
  • New construction projects in Karnataka and New Delhi

We hope that you enjoy the newsletter and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Penetron at the Concrete Show India 2012

Presentation by Mr. Jozef Van Beeck

This year, Penetron India took part in 'Concrete Show India 2012'. The event is held annually (this year in Mumbai on Feb. 23-25) and combines a trade show and concrete technology conference.

Penetron was at the conference with a presentation on “Innovative Techniques in Waterproofing,” given by Jozef van Beeck, our International Sales & Marketing Director. The presentation covered the latest trends in waterproofing and the factors affecting the durability of concrete – how reducing permeability improves the durability of concrete structures. Crystalline admixtures (like Penetron Admix), which reduce this permeability by more than 70%, provide a substantial improvement in concrete durability. Chemical admixtures in concrete (an American Concrete Institute topic) were also discussed in the Penetron presentation.

The Penetron India team at the Concrete Show 2012 in Mumbai

Penetron® Feature
Waterproofing with Penetron Admix

Penetron Admix, a third generation crystalline admixture, is the most advanced formula to effectively waterproof concrete structures. It eliminates problems associated with first and second generation admixtures such as loss of slump and compressive strength as well as unusually long setting times.

Penetron Admix can be applied to any commonly used concrete mix in today’s construction industry. There are no known incompatibilities with other workability admixtures such as retarders or superplasticizers and there are no limitations in regards to the W/C ratio of the concrete to be treated. With dosage rates as low as 0.8% (by weight of cement), it is not only one of the most cost efficient and economic waterproofing choices, but also an effective formula that has been proven in many international laboratories and on countless projects worldwide.

Penetron Admix is non-toxic and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is approved for use in projects involving potable water (NSF 61 approval, European Environmental License) and green projects acquiring LEED certification points.


Permanent Concrete Protection

Penetron Admix offers permanent protection and does not require any maintenance. It becomes an integral part of the concrete by forming insoluble crystals in the capillaries, pores and micro cracks. Once these crystal formations are fully developed in the concrete matrix, they will remain there forever, turning the structural element into a water barrier. Unlike surface-applied products (membranes, cementitious coatings), Penetron-treated concrete will retain its waterproofing and protection properties even if the surface is damaged.

Self-healing concrete

Penetron Admix is an active waterproofing product that enables self-healing of concrete. Being a hydrophilic product, Penetron Admix reacts with moisture to form crystals in concrete cracks and voids. Should water enter through newly formed cracks, the resulting chemical reactions form more crystals to seal any new cracks, even decades after construction.

Corrosion protection of reinforcement steel

By sealing the capillaries, pores and micro cracks of concrete with insoluble crystal formations, Penetron Admix reduces the permeability of concrete and denies water and corrosive chemicals an entryway into the structure. Water-borne salts, chlorides and other chemicals cannot reach the reinforcement steel, preventing corrosion or a breakdown of the alkaline in the concrete (lowering of the pH levels) and protecting the rebar coating.

Protection against chloride penetration

Chlorides are a major cause of corrosion in concrete, usually entering over time through the capillary system. Independent tests have shown that the chloride content of Penetron Admix is very low (<0.10% aggregate) and unrelated to its waterproofing effects. Penetron-treated concrete is resistant to acidic and alkaline conditions ranging from pH 3 to pH 11.

Penetron® Projects
BMM Ispat Steel Plant, Bellary, Karnataka

Currently under construction, this steel plant required over 20,000m2 of waterproofing, including underground tunnels, wagon tippler foundation, and power plant water treatment structures. Penetron and Penebar were used to waterproof the plant, which is adjacent to the Tungabhadra River, resulting in a very high water table. The main requirement of Chennai-based Ramana Consultants, the architects and structural consultants of the project specialising in steel plant designs, was durability of the concrete to protect against reinforcement corrosion and chloride ion penetration. The civil contractors of the project are Continental Construction Corp. Ltd (CCCL), New Dehli. A number of project’s structures have already been waterproofed.

E Square, Noida

A commercial project currently under construction, E Square is located on the Noida Express Highway and faces Jaypee Greens, with residential colonies developed by Jaypee. The waterproofing with Penetron Admix includes three levels and the basement, about 7,750m2. About 50% of the basement is already waterproofed. Owned by Supertech Ltd, the main contractors are Hot Shot Developers Pvt Ltd; structural consultants are Space Combine Associates; and DNA are the architects (all based in New Delhi).

Global Tower – IT Park

Located in Sector 144 in Noida, this IT park project is being developed by NSL Infratech Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. With a total basement area of 17,000m2 and located in a notorious high water table zone, the project looked to Penetron for waterproofing, as similar projects in Noida also successfully used Penetron. A major portion of the basement was done with the Penetron Applicator. Project designers are RPS Design; and consultants M/s. TPC Consultants, New Delhi; New Consolidated Construction Ltd are the contractors.


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