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Integral Concrete Waterproofing
Penetron® Industry Newsletter - Olympic special
August 2008

With an 8 year building frenzy coming to a close, ICS Penetron International Ltd is proud to have contributed to the quality and durability of the Beijing 2008 Olympic infrastructure. In this special issue of our concrete waterproofing update, we showcase a sampling of Olympic projects that were treated with the Penetron system - Let the games begin!

Olympic park subterranean commercial & leisure area
The above photo shows workers putting the final Penetron touches on the Olympic park subterranean space cover. This area is located immediately to the north of the main Olympic Bird's nest stadium in Beijing and the magnificent Water Cube, providing a large scale underground commercial / leisure area with multiple F&B outlets as well as shopping and entertainment venues. Over 5000 sqm of this area was waterproofed with Penetron and Penecrete mortar.
Beijing International Airport, Control Tower 3

With huge numbers of international visitors expected to flood the city during the 2008 Olympics, it was feared that Terminal 1 and 2 would not be sufficient to accommodate the travel boom and future development of the city. Hence, the government embarked on the construction of Terminal 3, complete with its own control tower. 5 years earlier, the Penetron system had been used to waterproof Control Tower 2 and the airport authority had been amply satisfied with its performance. Thus, Penetron came as an easy choice to them and a total area of 2500 sqm of Control Tower 3 was waterproofed with the Penetron system, including the entire basement structure and emergency water tank. With its 98.3 meter height and a floor space of 986'000 sqm, Beijing Airport Control Tower 3 is currently the largest control tower in the world.

Qinghuangdao Olympic stadium

This stadium in Qinghuangdao, near Beijing, will host many of the soccer matches and play a significant role in the Olympics. This being a prestigious project for China, over 10'000 sqm of concrete statdium seating have been completely coated with Penetron as a precaution against water leakage to areas below.

Beijing Muxiyuan Sports Acadamy - Training pools for Chinese Olympic Team  

In order to provide adequate training facilities for the Chinese National Aquatics Team, the General Sports Administration of China and the Beijing Organizing Committee for 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG) decided to revamp the MuXiYuan Sports Academy and make it their main aquatics training base. Major reconstruction and renovation works had to be executed and the designers decided to apply Penetron to waterproof all swimming pools in the academy. Penetron holds an impeccable track record of success having been previously used on many swimming pools in the capital, including the main swimming pool at Beida University. The total area waterproofed with Penetron in this center exceeds 3500 sqm.

Olympic Park Wastewater Treatment Plant

As Beijing is trying to embody the theme of “Green Olympics”, a dedicated WWTP was built to treat the wastewater from the Olympic park and surrounding stadium and arenas. This state of the art facility partly breaks the waste water down to organic fertilizer and also saw the implementation of many other Chinese-developed and patented technologies. Penetron was used to waterproof the concrete structure and reaction tank, protecting it against corrosion from chemical attack as well. The total treatment area was detailed as 6000 sqm.

Han Meilin Art Museum
Han Meilin

Han Meilin is one of China's most renowned artists and designer of FUWA, the 5 official mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. The Han Meilin Art Museum was recently finished and will host a series of art exhibitions during the Beijing Olympics that will showcase traditional Chinese culture and endeavor to embody the theme “Humanity Olympics”. The museum was waterproofed and protected by the application of 10'000 sqm of Penetron, Penecrete Mortar and Peneplug.