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PENETRON Sealer and Admixture Toughens Hospital Concrete


The recent opening of a new multi-story parking garage for the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga (NSW), Australia (just north of Sydney), relieves a capacity bottle-neck. PENETRON technology was used to ensure a durable concrete structure and sealed, abrasion-resistant surfaces throughout the structure.

The Sydney Adventist Hospital opened in 1903 as a Sanitarium to provide a place of healing. Since then, it has been affectionately known as the San. Now a world-class medical facility, the San offers comprehensive surgical, medical, and emergency services to more than 53,000 inpatients and 180,000 outpatients each year.

A key component of the San Hospital’s redevelopment project, the new multi-deck car park provides parking for almost 900 cars. The automated parking system also provides increased space for parking and enhanced on-site security for patients, visitors, doctors and staff.

“We’ve used the PENETRON System very successfully in a number of parking facilities,” notes Jozef Van Beeck, Director, PENETRON International Sales & Marketing. “It’s an optimal solution for both above- and below-ground designs, especially where there is any question of a high water table or exposure to the environment.”

PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat all concrete (about 1,200 m3 / 1,570 cubic yards) used in the ground floor structure and the roof slab of the multi-floor parking garage to secure impermeability of the most exposed structural elements. PENEBAR SW waterstop was used to seal the resulting construction joints in the new concrete.

PENESEAL FH, a clear, reactive penetrating sealer that permanently protects, preserves and strengthens concrete, was applied to all new concrete surfaces – a total area of over 20,000 m2 / 24,000 square yards – for high durability.

“Our PENESEAL FH sealer penetrates deep into surfaces and reacts with the concrete ingredients to solidify them into a harder, denser, stronger concrete,” adds Mr. Van Beeck. “This gives the concrete a higher surface abrasion resistance and compressive strength, which can be particularly important during the construction phase.”

The 900-car parking facility at the San Hospital was treated with PENETRON technology.

Room to grow: The 900-car parking facility at the San Hospital was treated with PENETRON technology to ensure a very durable concrete structure.

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