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Expo 2010 Shanghai China / Expo Axis

Expo 2010 Shanghai China / Expo Axis

Shanghai, China

Category: Tourist Attraction


The Expo 2010 Shanghai China was the biggest World Expo to date, with more than 190 countries and 50 international organizations participating; over 73 million people visited the Expo 2010, also an attendance record. The Expo Axis, the largest single structure of the Expo 2010, is a one-kilometer-long and 100m wide walkway that runs from the Expo main entrance straight to the Celebration Square by the Huangpu River. It consists of two underground and two above-ground levels and connects the major Expo 2010 exhibition areas, with retail, food, entertainment and exhibition service facilities. It also connected several metro stations and the elevated pedestrian walkway. During the Expo 2010, the Expo Axis served as the major artery for the heavy pedestrian flow.

Products Used:

PENETRON was applied as a dry shake to waterproof and protect the entire bottom concrete slab of the Expo Axis against the high groundwater table (due to its close proximity to the Huangpu River). Over 216 tons of PENETRON materials were applied.

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