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Benefits of Impermeable Concrete Utilizing Crystalline Technology

AIA CES Approved Course

Course Number: AIACRYSTECH2

Course Value – 1 LU/HSW

Course Description

This presentation explains how the addition of crystalline technology interacts with concrete to produce a structure with a significant increase in durability and service life. It discusses how a deeply embedded network of insoluble crystals makes permeable concrete virtually impervious to water and all harmful water-soluble materials, such as chlorides and sulfates.

It demonstrates how a durable waterproof structure can be designed and built without negatively affecting the placement or performance characteristics of the concrete. The prevention of damage due to corrosion, freeze-thaw, ASR and chemical attack will be analyzed. The ability of the crystalline technology to streamline project costs and fast track construction schedules will be highlighted. Real world applications through examination of projects in various industries will provide the necessary references required.

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