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Enormous Hanoi Urban Development Taps Penetron Waterproofing Technology for Concrete Durability


The final phase of construction of the vast Park Kiara urban development in Hanoi, Vietnam, was completed in June 2023. PENETRON ADMIX, a crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture, was added to the concrete mix to protect below-grade structures from high groundwater.

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is also the country’s cultural and political center. With a population of approximately 8.4 million people, the city consists of 12 urban districts and 17 rural districts. The Park Kiara urban development is located in the Hà Đông District of Hanoi, in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam, just southwest of the city center.

The US$ 1 billion Park Kiara project is a mixed-use urban development laid out as a township on 77 hectares (190 acres). The layout comprises four residential subdivisions: Nadyne Gardens, Evelyne Gardens, The Mansions, and Park 57, a utility area (Park Kiara Club Hanoi), as well as The Village @ Park City Hanoi, a retail and commercial complex. The construction of 7,000 housing units – including 1,200 villas, single-family homes, and 2,556 condominiums housed in residential towers – was carried out by Ecoba Vietnam JSC, the general contractor.

Park Kiara also features a landscaped park with pavilions, lakes and waterways, and a town center with retail/office spaces, a hotel, public and private schools, and a medical center. Further amenities include a community clubhouse with a swimming pool, gymnasium, childcare center, hotel, multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, badminton courts and other sports facilities.

“Because of Park Kiara’s location in the Red River Delta, the high groundwater levels at the construction site were a challenge for the builder,” says Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan, CEO & Managing Director of Penetron Vietnam. “During the planning of the Park Kiara town center, Ecoba Vietnam JSC engineers contacted Penetron Vietnam for a reliable and durable concrete waterproofing solution.”

PENETRON ADMIX was ultimately specified to treat over 4,400 m3 (5,800 yds3) of concrete for the below-grade concrete structures of the Park Kiara town center’s retail areas and office buildings.

Added to the concrete mix during the batching stage, PENETRON ADMIX reacts with the moisture in concrete to produce an integral crystalline formation throughout the concrete matrix. This makes the concrete impermeable to water, liquids, and waterborne elements, even against high hydrostatic pressures. This crystalline formation greatly reduces the permeability of concrete and significantly increases the service life and durability of concrete structures. In addition, PENETRON ADMIX provides self-healing capabilities, which allows the concrete to seal all hairline cracks, pores, and capillaries for the service life of the concrete.

“PENETRON ADMIX SB-treated concrete provided the much-needed protection against the hydrostatic pressure prevalent at the Hà Đông construction site that would otherwise cause the embedded reinforcing bars to corrode, resulting in concrete deterioration,” concludes Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan. “The success of PENETRON ADMIX at waterproofing the Park City structures and in similar projects across Vietnam is proof of the effectiveness of Penetron’s crystalline technology.”

The Park Kiara mixed-use development in Hanoi, Vietnam comprises 7,000 housing units – including 1,200 single-family homes and 2,556 condos housed in residential towers.

Protected by Penetron: The Park Kiara mixed-use development in Hanoi, Vietnam comprises 7,000 housing units – including 1,200 single-family homes and 2,556 condos housed in residential towers.

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