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Florida Beachside Apartments Specify PENETRON ADMIX to Protect Concrete from Saltwater and Groundwater


The Alexan Park 82nd Apartment complex in Doral, Florida, welcomed its first residents in September 2022. PENETRON ADMIX SB, a crystalline admixture, was used as a concrete waterproofing solution for all below-grade elevator pits in the luxury development.

Located three miles (5 km) from Downtown Miami, Doral is a city of around 76,000 inhabitants. Bordered on the west by the Everglades and adjacent to the Miami International Airport, this vibrant community was voted one of the “Best Places to Live” in 2018 by Money magazine.

Architects for the $35 million, 11-acre luxury apartment complex were MSA Design, an architecture, interior design, and graphic design company based in Ohio and Florida. Alexan Park 82nd Apartments feature 356 luxury units housed in seven four-story buildings; the units are available as one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment layouts ranging from 780-1,400 ft2 (70-127 m2). Amenities for residents include co-working spaces (with conference rooms, computers and printing station), outdoor saltwater pool, fully-equipped indoor/outdoor fitness center, gaming lounge, DIY creative lab, pet spa, mail center (with Amazon parcel lockers), and electric car charging stations.

Due to the construction site’s high groundwater levels typically encountered in southern Florida, MSA Design required a robust waterproofing solution to protect the below-grade concrete elevator pits – usually the deepest below-grade structures in multi-story buildings.

“Unprotected concrete buildings in Florida’s coastal towns are constantly exposed to hydrostatic water pressure, as well as moisture and chloride ingress, which causes concrete deterioration over time,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group.

After consulting with Ozinga, the project’s ready-mix concrete supplier, PENETRON ADMIX SB was specified as the preferred concrete waterproofing and durability solution. Once exposed to moisture, the admixture’s active ingredients create a non-soluble crystalline network, which forms throughout the micropores and capillary tracts of the concrete, dramatically decreasing concrete permeability.

“By adding PENETRON ADMIX SB, a crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture, to the mix, contractors can enhance the durability and service life of the concrete, as it will be less likely to crack, spall, or deteriorate due to water and corrosion related damage,” says Christopher Chen. “The concrete matrix now also has the ability to self-heal and seal any micro-cracks that may occur in the future, drastically reducing the need for any future concrete waterproofing-related maintenance and repairs.”

The $35 million 356-unit luxury apartment complex in Doral, Florida features 7 four-story buildings with one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment layouts.

Protected by PENETRON ADMIX: The $35 million 356-unit luxury apartment complex in Doral, Florida features 7 four-story buildings with one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment layouts.

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