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Georgia Ski Resort Chooses Penetron for Permanent Protection


The December 2020 opening of the Didveli Residence at a popular Georgian ski resort coincided perfectly with the launch of the winter ski season. PENETRON ADMIX was chosen to protect the apartment complex’s below-grade concrete structures from high groundwater and the long, cold winters – while helping the contractor keep to the project schedule.

Bakuriani is a popular ski resort about 185 km west of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Situated on the northern slope of Trialeti Mountain Range, at the foot of the famed Caucasus Mountains, the resort sits at 1,700 m (5,600 feet) and offers eight ski runs for skiers and snowboarders, with a total length of 16 km (10 miles).

Immediately adjacent to the ski lifts, the Didveli Residence is a new residential complex of six buildings comprising 800 modern units (in studio, one- and two-bedroom layouts) available as rental vacation homes. A concrete waterproofing solution was required by the general contractor for the basement structures due to the high groundwater levels prevalent in this mountainous region.

Harsh Climate and High Groundwater

“Arqturi, the project’s general contractor, faced high groundwater at the construction site and also, because of the high elevation, a long, cold winter climate,” says Dzhimsher Shengelia, Director of Penetron Georgia. “It was important to choose a durable waterproofing solution for the hotel’s below-grade concrete basement structures that would last.”

After consultation with the experts at Penetron Georgia and Insulation Technologies, the local Penetron distributor, PENETRON ADMIX was specified to treat all the concrete used in the basement structures of the apartment complex. Because it is easy to add to the concrete mix, PENETRON ADMIX allowed the contractor to abandon the previously specified membrane solution – and also expedite construction time in the difficult mountainous terrain.

Unleashing a Crystalline Network

Once added to the mix, PENETRON ADMIX quickly becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. By unleashing the growth of an insoluble crystalline network in the microcracks, pores and capillaries found in concrete, the admixture reduces permeability. This protection effectively blocks water penetration and the effects of deterioration for the life cycle of the concrete, even under high hydrostatic pressure and frequent freeze-thaw cycles.

“PENETRON ADMIX is unaffected by the often harsh climatic conditions of the Bakuriani ski region, and it provides a self-healing capability that seals any future microcracks for the life of the concrete,” adds Dzhimsher Shengelia.

PENETRON ADMIX is unaffected by harsh climates and provides a self-healing capability.

Snug and dry in the Bakuriani ski area: Used to waterproof the Didveli Residence’s concrete foundation, PENETRON ADMIX is unaffected by harsh climates and provides a self-healing capability.

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