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Georgia Tech Goes for PENETRON Technology


The Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”) recently announced the opening of its newest addition to the central campus: the Clough Commons building, which is both an educational and environmental statement. The school tapped PENETRON ADMIX to help with the innovative construction technology solution.

Georgia Tech’s new G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (Clough Commons) is an architectural and technical jewel befitting one of the country’s highest ranked universities. The design is all things to all people (and students), with innovative “green” construction processes, local sourcing of materials, floor plans with open configurations to maximize group collaboration, and multi-modal learning structures. The building is located at the center of the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta and connected to the school library. It houses labs for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.

With over 220,000 square feet (20,000m) of space, Clough Commons features 41 classrooms, two auditoriums (each 300+ seating), study rooms, a roof garden, exhibit spaces, a gallery, the CommLab (computer & IT technology lab), a solar array for energy, a water cistern (1.4 million gallon capacity), and a coffee shop.

Following a Sustainable Model

The construction team, led by Turner Construction Company, completed the building and achieved a Gold LEED accreditation with numerous environmental enhancements and a large underground cistern to allow for water reuse and recycling. In addition, storm water from the roof of the facility is collected for grey water applications and irrigation of plants on the campus.

The building frame has over 1200 tons of steel reinforcing and 13,500 cubic yards of reinforced concrete; the majority of the construction materials were manufactured within 500 miles of the new facility. Cemex supplied over 2,200 cubic yards of structurally reinforced concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX for the underground cistern.

The Right Technology for Georgia Tech

PENETRON ADMIX is an NSF 61-approved crystalline waterproofing technology that protects and waterproofs the concrete matrix through a network of insoluble crystals within the natural pores and capillaries. This technology is a highly effective protection from chemical attack, freeze thaw damage and corrosion that often harms existing untreated concrete.

“Clough Commons unites a number of sustainable technologies,” summarizes Christopher Chen, Director of The PENETRON Group. “The waterproofing and durability-enhancing PENETRON ADMIX used for the underground cistern adds to the building’s overall environmental profile.”

The PENETRON Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

For more information on PENETRON waterproofing solutions, please visit penetron(dot)com or facebook(dot)com/ThePenetronGroup, email CRDept(at) or contact our Corporate Relations Department at 631-941-9700.

Clough Commons achieved a LEED program Gold rating; it features a roof garden and a 1.4 million gallon water collection system with concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX.

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