Media Release

Getting Back in the Pool in Mtskheta (Georgia) with PENETRON Technology


The modern City Sports Complex in Mtskheta, Georgia was originally inaugurated in Spring 2019. Repair work on the new municipal complex – with two swimming pools, gyms and game rooms – was completed in August 2019. The Penetron System was used to repair and waterproof the concrete pool structures.

Located approximately 20-km (12 miles) north of Tbilisi, Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. It was founded in the 5th century BC and remained the capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia until the 5th century AD. Home to several cultural monuments, which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the city lies at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers in Eastern Georgia.

“The new City Sports Complex provides a welcome sports and leisure venue for the town of Mtskheta, especially during the cold winter months,” explains Dzhimsher Shengelia, Director of Penetron Georgia. “However, soon after the grand opening, microcracks began to appear in the concrete pool structures.”

Penetron Georgia was asked to provide a waterproofing solution to solve the problem – as quickly as possible. Penetron worked with Waterproofing Technologies, the Penetron distributor for Georgia, to repair and waterproof the concrete structures.

Making Concrete Impermeable

In a first step, PENEPLUG, a rapid-setting cementitious compound, was applied to quickly stop the active leaks in the pool structures. PENECRETE MORTAR was used to repair all visible cracks, and, in a final step, PENETRON was sprayed over the whole surface to ensure a durable – and waterproof – concrete structure, even with the obvious high hydrostatic pressure of the pools.

Due to the porous and absorbent nature of concrete, Penetron crystalline products are formulated to react with key concrete components to produce an integral crystalline formation. These insoluble crystals greatly reduce the permeability of the concrete by filling the cracks, pores and voids in the matrix to provide a permanent seal against water penetration.

Staying on Schedule

"The work was completed in a timely fashion, easily meeting the scheduled deadlines,” adds Dzhimsher Shengelia. “The Penetron treatment not only makes the concrete waterproof, it prevents further deterioration by stopping water penetration and attacks from various aggressive chemicals, such as chlorides, sulfates and acids, which cause corrosion of the embedded reinforcement."

In fact, numerous projects recently completed in Georgia have shown that PENETRON-treated concrete has a vastly improved resistance to chloride and sulfate penetration, thanks to the self-healing capabilities and the resulting reduced permeability – all important attributes for the new City Sports Complex in Mtskheta.