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Jakarta Condo Tower Picks Penetron for an Impermeable Foundation


The official June 2020 opening of the Pakubuwono Menteng luxury condo tower raised the standard with its location in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia and high-level amenities. The construction site, faced with very high groundwater levels, demanded a reliable waterproofing solution. The Penetron System, a suite of crystalline waterproofing products, met the challenge.

Designed by PT Airmas Asri Architects, the Pakubuwono Menteng is a 38-floor (>162 m / 534-feet tall) luxury condo tower with unobstructed views of the city of Jakarta, the Java Sea and surrounding region. The 340 residential units, available in two- and three-bedroom layouts, cover a total floor area (GFA) of 71,000 m² (764,238 ft²). Included in this condo tower are amenities, such as a sky gym, sauna & steam rooms, a jacuzzi, tennis court, outdoor & rooftop swimming pools, BBQ area, spa & health clinic, a library, business center, a guest function room, and underground parking.

Looking for a Monsoon-Proof Waterproofing Solution

“The Pakubuwono Menteng is built on a coastal alluvial plain that is literally full of groundwater and regularly flooded by rainstorms during Indonesia’s eight-month long monsoon season,” explains Florian Klouda, Director, International Account Coordination for Penetron International. “With a substantial below-grade concrete foundation, the project engineers required a secure and proven waterproofing solution to ensure long-term durability of such a tall structure.”

The challenge of the high groundwater level at the construction site was compounded by sporadic flooding and the seawater from the nearby Java Sea. Chloride ions in seawater are a major cause of concrete deterioration and resulting maintenance costs.

To effectively protect the Pakubuwono Menteng substructure, PENETRON PLUS, a topical crystalline material, was dry shake-applied to the basement slab during the floating process. The retaining walls, groundwater tanks and on-site sewage treatment plant (total surface area of 12,000m2) were also coated with PENETRON, a crystalline waterproofing coating. In addition, PENEBAR SW-55 waterstop strips (530 m) were installed along the construction joints to ensure watertight joints.

A Permanent Concrete Waterproofing Solution

Easily applied with brush or spray, PENETRON is unaffected by climatic conditions and quickly becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. It is a permanent solution that provides an added self-healing capability that will self-seal any micro-cracks that appear during the lifespan of the concrete when exposed to water.

“Penetron crystalline solutions have been proven – in Indonesia and around the world – to permanently waterproof and protect concrete in critical environments, like the construction site in Jakarta,” says Florian Klouda. “Our products can be applied to any new or existing concrete structure that requires protection against water ingress and a significantly improved resistance against chlorides, sulphates, and other concrete deteriorating chemicals.”

Faced with sporadic flooding and a high groundwater level at the Pakubuwono Menteng construction site, the Penetron System was applied to waterproof the below-grade structures.

Impermeable concrete: Faced with sporadic flooding and a high groundwater level at the Pakubuwono Menteng construction site, the Penetron System was applied to waterproof the below-grade structures.

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