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August 13, 2014

Making Invisible Waterproofing Technology Visible

This week, PENETRON celebrates a milestone: 4,000,000m2 of concrete for construction projects around the world have now employed the ‘green tracer’ indicator that signals PENETRON ADMIX is in the mix. This ADMIX Tracer is a guarantee of durable quality and peerless crystalline waterproofing.

South Cobb Tunnel, Atlanta GA (U.S.A.)

Unique in the industry, the positive indicator present in everysoluble bag of PENETRON ADMIXshows up as a clearly visible green tracer in the bleed water when mixed into a batch of fresh concrete. This tracer gives the construction and design teams an increased level of comfort through verifiable and obvious proof that “PENETRON is in the mix” and at work.

“The idea of using a tracer in the concrete mix came up in discussions with many engineers who wanted to have a reliable identification control tool for their projects,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of The PENETRON Group. “We started testing the ADMIX Tracer four years ago, and we’ve had seamless results from more than 4 million cubic meters of treated concrete.”

The ADMIX Tracer phosphoresces when mixed with water and placed under UV light. Under normal viewing wavelengths (regular daylight), it is bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. Because conventional color tints for concrete are easily defeated or counterfeited, PENETRON engineers utilized an unmistakable and secure green-colored tracer with some additional and distinctive properties:

  • Readily visible at the time of the concrete pour
  • No effect on the plastic or hardened concrete properties
  • Zero environmental impact (completely non-toxic) - NSF61 certified
  • Color dissipates – will not discolor concrete
  • Does not affect performance of PENETRON ADMIX

“Our engineers confirm the tracer has exceeded all initial performance goals,” adds Chen. “The response from the involved test partners – from design engineers to contractors, ready-mixers, and at the job site – confirms the benefits of the tell-tale green tint. It’s a clear sign of our ongoing efforts to ensure a high level of performance and quality, regardless of the individual project challenges.”

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