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Moscow Innovation Center Taps Penetron Technology for Water Supply


The upgrade of the water supply system at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, a high technology business area in Moscow, Russia, was completed April 2019. PENETRON, a topical crystalline material provided a durable waterproofing solution for the system’s large, reinforced concrete water storage tank.

“Historically, Russia has been successful in the sciences and technology. But the country’s lag in fostering an ‘entrepreneur spirit’ in the past has led to new initiatives, such as Skolkovo, to cultivate a business and cultural hothouse that helps leverage the skills and know-how of the domestic workforce,” explains Igor Chernogolov, President of Penetron Russia.

First announced by the Russian government in 2009, the new Skolkovo Innovation Center currently under construction in Moscow, Russia, includes five "clusters" specializing in different areas. These include IT, Energy, Nuclear Technologies, Biomedicine and Space Technologies. Corporations and individuals can become "residents" of Skolkovo City when their project proposals and ideas are approved, which entitles them to financial start-up assistance from the government. Numerous individual clusters have already been completed and activities continue to expand. 

“Construction of the main transportation hub in Skolkovo recently began, and the local Penetron team was asked to provide a waterproofing solution for the water supply system that is integrated into the hub,” adds Igor Chernogolov. “Because the Penetron System had been successfully used for the basement structures of Skolkovo Technopark, we were asked once again to come up with a solution.”

The construction project for the hub’s water supply system include upgrading the water intake network and a large water storage tank that supplies drinking water to the growing population of Skolkovo residents and facilities. PENETRON was specified as a waterproofing solution for the reinforced concrete drinking water tank. 

An integral crystalline waterproofing material, PENETRON is applied by brush or spray to either the positive or negative side of the concrete. The moisture in the concrete starts a chemical reaction that creates an insoluble crystalline formation. These crystals self-heal and seal the microcracks, pores and capillaries in the concrete, penetrating deeply into the structure. The crystalline formation prevents water and water-borne chemicals from entering, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

The waterproofing benefits of the PENETRON application are permanent. Cracks that develop during the lifetime of the concrete are resealed by a self-healing capability in the presence of water. The material is NSF -61 certified for potable water applications like Skolkovo; the company has had wide-ranging success with water storage systems around the world.

“This phase of construction at Skolkovo is now complete,” says Igor Chernogolov. “The impermeability and durability of the reinforced concrete tank was confirmed by numerous hydraulic tests.”

Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow, Russia


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