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May 25, 2016

PENETRON Azerbaijan: Durable construction solutions, durable client relations

Dominated generally by the oil industry, Azerbaijan is also vulnerable to the economic cycles found within. PENETRON Azerbaijan, like many small companies, works
with partners to add value to clients in construction and design.

Kirman Mammadov

“We have a saying on our team: 'A crisis comes and goes, but PENETRON is always here, always durable,'” concludes Kirman Mammadov.

“PENETRON is the market leader in Azerbaijan for concrete durability solutions,” says Kirman Mammadov, Managing Director of PENETRON Azerbaijan. “It’s important to stay in touch even during the most adverse economic situations. We win projects through long term customer relations and a steadfast reputation.”

Some recent projects completed by the PENETRON Azerbaijan team include:

  • Rixos Hotel - PENETRON ADMIX was used in the concrete for the hotel terraces and the numerous water fountains (over 28,000 m2/301,390 square feet).
- Gabala Stadium - PENETRON ADMIX was applied on the concrete bleacher foundation and all joints were treated with PENEBAR SW water stop.

  • Trump Tower – the two-floor underground garage (total area 16,000 m2/172,200 square feet), the swimming pools and various parts of the building were treated with PENETRON crystalline waterproofing material and PENECRETE MORTAR.

  • Heydar Aliyev Center – PENETRON and PENECRETE were used to water proof the basement and underground parking structures.
- Water Aqueduct – delivers water to Baku, the capital; all water syphons (total area: 130,000 m2/1,400,000 square feet) and part of the canal structure were treated with PENETRON crystalline material to optimize impermeability of the concrete.

Additional details of these projects – and more – can be viewed at:

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