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March 21, 2013

PENETRON Concrete Waterproofing Made Simple

PENETRON ADMIX the perfect solution for a water tank upgrade

When the Flatwoods Sutton Public Service District in central West Virginia realized they needed to increase their drinking water capacity, they also saw an opportunity to greatly enhance the efficiency of their water supply system. PENETRON ADMIX provided the perfect waterproofing solution.

The construction and design team led by E.L. Robinson proposed not only a new water storage tank for additional treatment capacity, but also a new filtration and backwash sedimentation system to better recycle the available water resources. The backwash / sedimentation tank recycles settled water back into the treatment process, saving thousands of gallons of water every day. The new layout also incorporates part of the existing treatment plant within the new filter building. This allowed operation of the existing plant during the construction and startup of the new facility.

Constructing the new treatment structure beneath the existing plant, however, meant that a conventional membrane waterproofing solution was impossible.

“The crystalline waterproofing technology of PENETRON ADMIX allowed treatment of the underpinning concrete with no additional on-site labor, shoring, or foundation support,” explains Chris Chen, Director of The PENETRON Group. “It was an optimal and cost-effective solution for concrete waterproofing. It also protects the new filtration and backwash / sedimentation structures against premature chemical penetration and freeze / thaw damage.”

The upgrades to the Flatwoods Sutton treatment plant now provide expanded capacity and clean drinking water to residents along the Elk River Valley. Water for the new treatment plant is drawn from the Elk River directly downstream from the Sutton Dam, which was constructed by the US Army Corp of Engineers in 1961 as a flood control system.

The new water filtration cells were constructed while the existing plant in the background remained in operation. Both facilities are overshadowed by the Sutton Dam.

PENETRON ADMIX was used in the new filtration cells and the backwash / sedimentation basin. This basin allows clear water to be recycled back to the filtration cells and potentially saves thousands of gallons of water every day.

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