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July 28, 2016

PENETRON Presents: Cláudio Neves Ourives, PENETRON Brazil

PENETRON Brazil first started in the mid 2000’s, first as a distribution point for PENETRON products, supplying local projects. Soon, the PENETRON Brazil team – with over 25 people – was working with applicators and distributors across the country, bringing PENETRON technology to countless projects from the everyday job to Olympic stadiums. In 2014, the company launched an ISO 9001-certified production facility in São Paulo state, to meet the increasing domestic demand and export all of Latin America.

Cláudio Neves Ourives, PENETRON Brazil

Who is behind this success story? Cláudio Neves Ourives from PENETRON Brazil tells his story: “From the very start, our team enjoyed success and grew rapidly. We built our company – PENETRON Brazil – at a good time, when the construction industry was in a boom period of growth. Thanks to the unique PENETRON System of products, we could develop and offer solutions for many incredible residential, commercial and infrastructural projects.

Our team was honored to provide PENETRON solutions to the FIFA World Cup 2014 and now, to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. I am proud of our team and their accomplishments; PENETRON Brazil is an efficient and high quality company – and is an important part of the greater Penetron global network. This motivates us and makes the team committed to providing the best products and support.”

Claudio was born and raised in São Paulo. He lives with his wife and two children in São José dos Campos, just northeast of Sao Paulo. His hobbies, mountain biking and photography take him to the mountains not far from home. Graduated as a civil engineer, he began his career as a sewage and water treatment designer and refurbishment consultant. Over the next 19 years, Claudio worked in chemical products for the construction industry, travelled around the world and became an expert in concrete technology and waterproofing – and is the General Director of PENETRON Brazil today.

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