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PENETRON Provides Waterproofing for Migdal Arquitectos in México


The December 2018 inauguration of the Via 515 mixed-use complex in México City highlights the technology partnership between Migdal Arquitectos and Penetron México. Penetron crystalline technology provided the concrete waterproofing solution.

Migdal Arquitectos, a México City architectural company founded in 1989, includes a group of professionals that offer a range of services, from architectural design, engineering, and construction, to quality control and cost management. The company functions as a consultancy to many Méxican and foreign real estate development and construction companies.

“Migdal Arquitectos has carried out countless projects in residential housing, office towers, shopping centers, industrial parks and cultural centers,” adds Jaime Varon, co-founder of the company. “Because reliability and long-term structural durability is an important part of our projects, we insist on the latest best technology and construction materials to ensure a consistent level of quality in all our work.”

Looking for a Long-Lasting and Proven Technology

The newly-completed Via 515 development in the Viaducto Piedad district of México City is a mixed-use complex that includes offices, a shopping center, cinemas and a hotel. The 110,000 m2 construction area includes 60,000 m2 of offices and a 50,000 m2 shopping center and hotel. 

“Originally, the Migdal architects came to us with a list of performance parameters that emphasized a long-lasting and proven solution for their concrete structures in all their projects,” explains Alejandro Muciño, Managing Director of Penetron México. “That was the start of a productive relationship. Today, Penetron crystalline technology is a standard specification in all their developments.”

An Optimal Waterproofing Solution

The water tanks (each 60,000-liters/15,900 gallons capacity) that provide drinking water to the 1,300 apartments of the Via 515 complex were a key element of the project. Because Penetron crystalline technology is completely non-toxic and contains no VOCs (NSF 61-certified for potable water applications), PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat both tanks – as well as the below-grade retaining walls. Installed below-ground under the main office building, the water tanks are now impermeable to groundwater penetration and chemical attack – an optimal waterproofing solution.

To seal the construction joints in the new concrete elements, over 2,200 m (7,260-feet) of construction joints in the foundation slab and the water tanks were first treated with PENEBAR PRIMER and permanently sealed with PENEBAR SW 45 swellable waterstop strips.

“The Via 515 complex is only the most recent project we’ve worked on with the team at Migdal Arquitectos,” adds Alejandro Muciño. “We’re currently working on further new projects that need similarly durable waterproofing solutions.”

Productive Partnership for Impermeable Projects

Earlier in 2018, Penetron México was also part of two other notable Migdal projects that are currently in progress:

Villa Aquasol – a Massive Housing Development in Pueblo

Set for completion in April 2020, the Villa Aquasol community is a new, low-income housing development located in Tlayeacac, Morelos, in Pueblo State, about 50 miles south of México City. The development is comprised of 1,300 houses, each unit approximately 120 m3 (1,320-square feet) in size. Working with Cemex Concretos, Penetron México supplied PENETRON ADMIX to treat the concrete for the central water tank (capacity: 1,000,000 liters) that will supply potable water to the whole development. Migdal Arquitectos also specified PENEBAR SW waterstop strips to provide a permanent seal along the construction joints.

Santa Fe Lifestyle – Durable Crystalline Technology

Located in Xochitepec, Morelos, about 45 miles south of México City, the Santa Fe Lifestyle development will also include 1,300 low-income housing units, each approximately 120 m3 (1,320-square feet) in size. The technical specifications and application of Penetron crystalline technology are identical to the Villa Aquasol project in Tlayeacac. The development will be completed in April 2020.

“We continue to work together to achieve self-sealing concrete in the construction of the swimming pools and water storage tanks designed by Migdal Arquitectos,” says Alejandro Muciño. “For Migdal, the Penetron crystalline technology has been the key to success in its most recent development projects.”


The Via 515 complex in México City includes offices, a shopping center, cinemas and a hotel. Migdal Arquitectos worked with Penetron México for a waterproofing solution.

The Via 515 complex in México City includes offices, a shopping center, cinemas and a hotel. Migdal Arquitectos worked with Penetron México for a waterproofing solution.

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