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July 19, 2013

PENETRON Technology Jumps into the Pool: Talkatora Stadium

Totally renovated for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India with PENETRON concrete waterproofing technology, the Talkatora Stadium is a popular venue for political and business events – such as the recent national meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party – as well as national and international swimming competitions.

Talkatora Stadium

The Talkatora Stadium (also known as the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool Complex) was originally built in 1982 as a venue for the Asian Games. This facility underwent a comprehensive renovation in preparation for the Commonwealth Games, which transformed the complex into a state-of the-art swimming venue. It now conforms to international standards and seating capacity was also increased to accommodate 5,000.

The year-long renovation project included:

  • Reconstruction of the Olympic-size racing and diving pools – these structures were completely redone with PENECRETE MORTAR, PENETRON, PENETRON ADMIX and PENEBAR SW-45
  • Construction of a new warm-up pool below the stands – a combination of PENETRON ADMIX and PENEBAR SW-45 completely sealed this new addition

The most critical part in the reconstruction of these pools was the sealing of the old underwater windows in the racing pool. These underwater windows, previously the critical weak areas of the holding structure, were successfully sealed by using PENEBAR SW-45 in the window joints and filling the voids with reinforced concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX.

“PENETRON products are a highly effective ‘permeability-reducing admixture for hydrostatic conditions’ (or PRAH*) that are ideal for watertight construction of tanks or containment structures as found in the Talkatora Stadium,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of the PENETRON Group. “The project was a complete success and finished on time for the Commonwealth Games.”

A total of 5,084m2 of pool concrete surface was treated with PENETRON, 316m3 of concrete treated with PENETRON ADMIX was used during the reconstruction of the existing pools and the new warm up pool. A total of 2,043 meters of existing construction joints were repaired with PENECRETE MORTAR; PENEBAR SW-45 was used for 360 meters of new construction joints and around pipe penetrations.

As defined by the American Concrete Institute’s “Report on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete” (ACI 212.3R-10).

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