Media Release

"Pearl of Russia" Spa Chooses Penetron for a Healthy Foundation


The new treatment center at the “Pearl of Russia” children’s sanatorium in Anapa, Russia, was ceremoniously opened in September 2019, in time for the Black Sea summer vacation season. The Penetron System ensured protection of the building’s concrete structures from deterioration caused by seawater.

“Thanks to the city’s subtropical climate, Anapa has been a popular Russian beach resort for generations. It also has an excellent reputation as a health spa that treats a wide range of ailments, especially for children,” adds Igor Chernogolov, President of Penetron-Russia. “Many Russians know Anapa from their youth, and now they go to the resort with their own children and grandchildren.”

Anapa’s first sanatorium was built in 1900. Under the Soviet Union, the city became the nation’s most popular health resort for children, with a series of pediatric health camps built along the shores of Anapa Bay. Today, the Kuban Sanatorium, also known as “the Pearl of Russia,” is one of the largest children's health and recreation facilities in Anapa. Located close to the shores of Anapa Bay on the Black Sea coast, the sanatorium’s new building was recently added to house wards for respiratory, cardio-vascular and endocrine system treatments, and also digestive and nervous system dysfunctions.

During the construction of the new addition in Anapa, special attention was given to the protection of the concrete structures exposed to seawater and the chloride ions from the adjacent Black Sea.

"Corrosion of the reinforcement steel in concrete due to the penetration of chloride ions can seriously compromise and deteriorate a concrete structure," adds Igor Chernogolov. “When water containing chloride ions penetrates concrete through cracks, voids and pores, it makes its way to the underlying reinforcement steel. When it reaches the steel, the steel starts to rust, causing internal pressure. This pressure leads to cracking, delamination and spalling of the concrete, and eventual possible structural failure.”

Penetron products are formulated to react with key concrete components to produce an integral crystalline formation. PENETRON-treated concrete shows vastly improved chloride and sulfate resistance, reduced permeability and drying shrinkage, as well as self-healing capabilities.

To protect the new Kuban Sanatorium building from the aggressive seawater environment, GidroZaschita, the local Penetron dealer, provided a complete Penetron solution, which included the entire Penetron suite of products. The application work on all the below-grade concrete structures was completed by SouthStroySnab.

“The service life of PENETRON-treated concrete is about three times that of conventional concrete,” says Igor Chernogolov. “The Pearl of Russia will be around for many more generations of Russian families.”