Media Release

Penetron Adds Durability to Georgia (USA) Stone Manufacturing Plant


Completed in December 2020, the new Guidoni quartz slab plant in McRae-Helena, Georgia is the company’s first production facility in North America. PENETRON ADMIX was specified to ensure a durable foundation for the new plant.

With headquarters in São Domingos do Norte, Brazil, Guidoni is a leading Latin American exporter of ornamental stone and one of the largest granite producers in the world. Guidoni offers a wide range of products for facade cladding, internal and external floors, and countertops for residential and commercial projects. Active in over 70 countries, the company maintains 40 of its own quarries and has the capacity to extract 15,000 m³ of crude stone blocks per month.

Guidoni Expands in North America

The new Guidoni plant in McRae-Helena, Georgia is a 750,000 ft2 (68,200 m2) quartz slab plant. Located about 150 miles southeast of Atlanta, it is the company’s first quartz-engineered stone manufacturing facility in the USA and will be the North American headquarters of Guidoni USA, a company subsidiary.

“Construction of the US$96 million facility was carried out by Guidoni itself,” says Christopher Chen, Director of the Penetron Group. “PENETRON ADMIX SB was specified for the manufacturing pit walls and slabs.”

On-Site Support a Key Factor

Argos, a ready-mix concrete supplier, supplied PENETRON ADMIX SB-treated concrete for the Guidoni project. Easily mixed in during batching, thanks to the pre-measured soluble bags, PENETRON ADMIX becomes an integral part of the concrete and lasts for the service life of the concrete. The treated concrete is able to self-seal any hairline cracks, further enhancing the durability of the concrete structures.

“Our customer service and on-site support played a key role in the successful and timely construction of the manufacturing pit,” adds Christopher Chen. “Because of the time constraints on the slab pour, the Penetron project manager actually drove the needed admixture up from Florida to the Argos plant in Georgia to keep things on schedule – we go the extra mile for our customers!”