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Penetron Adds Durability to Ivanovo Wastewater Treatment Facility


The expansion and modernization of the Ivanovo wastewater treatment plant in Ivanovo, Russia was completed by the end of December 2020. Penetron crystalline products were specified as a concrete durability and waterproofing solution for all the new concrete structures.

Located about 330 miles northeast of Moscow, Ivanovo has a population of about 406,000 inhabitants. Once a major center for textile production, the city is now home to many schools and institutions of higher education, and a large student population.

Originally constructed over 45 years ago, the Ivanovo wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) had been operating close to its output limit for years. A comprehensive expansion and upgrade of the plant treatment tanks and processes was urgently required to comply with the newest wastewater treatment standards. The renovation project was financed by the national “Russian Housing and Utilities Reform” program.

The two stages of construction included new methane tanks, an automated control system, the repair and renovation of the primary treatment structures (including a grit chamber and sedimentation tanks), the secondary treatment structures (aeration tank, biosolids settlement and treatment tanks), and a new effluent circulation system.

Protection from Effluent Needed

The project engineers needed a robust concrete waterproofing solution to protect the plant’s concrete structures from the constant exposure to the aggressive elements typically found in wastewater effluent. These can include chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, and a formidable number of aggressive compounds found in the wastewater or the plant’s own process chemicals.

“Penetron crystalline technology has been used successfully in many water and wastewater treatment facilities around the world,” adds Sergey Sinitsyn, Director of Cozy House, the Penetron distributor for the Ivanovo region. “It’s an invaluable tool to enable treatment plant engineers to reduce permeability and increase the lifespan of concrete headworks, grit collection, treatment and aeration tanks, digestors, and disinfection tanks.”

Cozy House provided a full range of Penetron products for the WWTP project. PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was used for new concrete structures. Application crews waterproofed the walls and floor slabs of existing structures with PENETRON, a topically applied crystalline material.

Impermeable and Self-Healing Concrete

Once it comes into contact with the concrete, the proprietary chemicals in all Penetron crystalline products penetrate deeply into the concrete matrix, filling micro-cracks, pores, and capillaries with an insoluble crystalline formation. These crystals prevent water and water-borne chemicals from entering the concrete structures, even under high hydrostatic pressure. In addition, any cracks that may develop during the lifetime of the concrete remain waterproof, thanks to the self-healing capabilities of Penetron products.

“This results in a waterproof and durable wastewater treatment plant that will last much longer than the previous structure,” says Sergey Sinitsyn. “Looking into the future, the Ivanovo operators also benefit from reduced future maintenance requirements.”

The expansion of the Ivanovo, Russia plant required a concrete waterproofing solution to comply with new wastewater treatment regulations.

Penetron provides a solution: The expansion of the Ivanovo, Russia plant required a concrete waterproofing solution to comply with new wastewater treatment regulations.

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