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Penetron Helps Complete First Phase of Emerald Forest Residences


The first phase of construction of the Emerald Forest Residential District in the Sverdlovsk Oblast of Central Russia was completed in March 2020. Penetron waterproofing technology ensured waterproof and durable below-grade concrete structures.

A wholly new residential development, the Emerald Forest project, just outside Yekaterinburg, Russia, will eventually comprise 13 residential towers of differing heights (the first tower is 18-floors high) each housing 96-127 modern apartment units. Underground parking for residents will also be included in the project. Owned by Urals Mining & Metallurgical Company (UGMK), one of Russia’s largest metals production company, the development will also include the construction of new schools and a shopping mall with retails stores, restaurants, a food court, and entertainment venues.

Looking for a Total Waterproofing Solution

“Penetron Russia worked with the project engineers during the planning phase and the start of construction of the first residential tower, the fitness center and shopping center,” adds Igor Chernogolov, President of Penetron Russia. “Because of the depth of the below-grade structures and the groundwater levels typical for the region, a comprehensive waterproofing solution was needed.”

PENETRON ADMIX was specified for the concrete mix used in the foundation slabs and below-grade retaining walls that house the two-level parking garage and basement under all three buildings – up to almost 5 m (16 feet) below ground level. PENEBAR SW, a swellable waterstop, was used to seal construction joints. PENECRETE MORTAR was applied as a repair grout for tie-holes, pipe-holes and any cracks larger than 0.5mm (1/51”) and, in a final step, a coat of PENETRON, a topical crystalline material, was applied to any exposed concrete surfaces.

Eliminating Hairline Cracks in Concrete

Once the treated concrete comes into contact with moisture, the proprietary chemicals in PENETRON ADMIX and PENETRON react to form insoluble crystals within the cracks and voids throughout the entire concrete matrix. As a result, drying shrinkage and cracking are reduced, and hairline cracks that form throughout the service life of the structure are permanently self-healed.

“The first stage of construction at the Emerald Forest residential project was successfully completed on schedule thanks to the ease-of-use of Penetron crystalline products,” adds Igor Chernogolov. “Once this mega-project is completed it will be a remarkable addition to the Sverdlovsk region.”

The 1st phase in Yekaterinburg is now complete. The development in Central Russia will feature 13 residential towers with 96-127 apartment units in each tower.

Emerald Forest District takes shape: The 1st phase in Yekaterinburg is now complete. The development in Central Russia will feature 13 residential towers with 96-127 apartment units in each tower.

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