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Penetron Keeps Elements at Bay in Indonesia’s Newest Mixed-Use Development


Set for completion in September 2020, the monumental Menara Jakarta Towers project adds almost a dozen high-rise towers to Jakarta’s skyline. PENETRON ADMIX ensures durable – and waterproof – foundations for all the buildings.

The Menara Jakarta mixed-use development is located in the Kemayoran district of Jakarta, a vibrant area best-known for the large Jakarta International Expo (JIE) complex. This area was once home to Jakarta's old airport before being transformed into a sprawling exhibition area surrounded by office buildings.

With 10 residential towers offering a range of luxury accommodations, including a five-star hotel, a high-end shopping mall and an office tower, the Menara Jakarta complex also features the tallest tower (280 m / 925 feet) in the Kemayoran district.

Monsoon Climate Demands Durable Concrete

Jakarta is situated on a flat coastal alluvial plane on the northern coast of the island of Java. It has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by one long wet season (October-May) and a short dry season (June-September). Because of the widespread land subsidence across the metropolitan area, frequent flooding is common during the wetter months of the year.

“Because of the challenging climate and geology of Jakarta, PT. Multibangun Adhitama Konstruksi, the project contractor, got in touch with Penetron Indonesia before beginning construction,” explains Florian Klouda, Director, International Account Coordination for Penetron International. “With a monsoon climate, finding a robust waterproofing solution for the below-grade concrete structures was a high priority.”

Penetron collaborated with Adhimix & Pionir, the ready-mix suppliers, to come up with the right concrete mix for the below-grade concrete foundation slabs, retaining walls and basement structures. Almost 23,000 m3 of PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete were used and 3,900 m of PENEBAR SW-55 waterstop strips were installed along the construction joints.

Hydrostatic Pressure and Seawater

“The constant groundwater and proximity of the Java Sea pose a serious threat to any reinforced concrete structure,” adds Florian Klouda. “The hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater combined with the threat of seawater flooding the area can rapidly destroy the passive layer of protection around the rebar. Once that protective layer is damaged, corrosion of the steel sets in. The Menara Jakarta project benefitted from the waterproofing and corrosion-mitigating properties of PENETRON ADMIX.”

As a crystalline waterproofing and permeability-reducing admixture, PENETRON ADMIX reacts with moisture in concrete to generate a crystalline formation throughout the pores, micro-cracks and capillary tracts found in concrete. These non-soluble crystals permanently self-heal microcracks, pores and capillaries against the penetration of water or liquids from any direction, substantially reducing concrete permeability.

“As an integral waterproofing solution, Penetron crystalline technology also provides low shrinkage and self-healing properties – a highly effective combination for concrete structures in one of the wettest climates in Southeast Asia,” adds Florian Klouda.

The Menara Jakarta features 10 residential towers and also a five-star hotel, a high-end shopping mall and an office tower.

Built on a PENETRON ADMIX-treated foundation: The Menara Jakarta features 10 residential towers and also a five-star hotel, a high-end shopping mall and an office tower.

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