Media Release

Penetron Provides Concrete Waterproofing Solution to Help Ohio Facility Meet EPA Water Quality Guidelines


The November 2023 commissioning of the upgraded Lake Loramie wastewater treatment plant in Sidney, Ohio, enabled the city to meet state environmental regulations and increase treatment capacity. PENETRON ADMIX SB, a crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture, was used to protect the plant’s concrete tanks and treatment structures from the aggressive environment of the wastewater – and substantially extend the service life of the plant.

Located about 36 miles (58 km) north of Dayton in Western Ohio, Sidney is a city of over 20,500 and the seat of Shelby County. Reflecting the city’s wholesome Midwestern identity, Sidney was the recipient of the All-America City Award in 1964 and the subject of the documentary film 45365 in 2009, about the everyday life of a small town and the people living in it.

The recent completion of a major upgrade of Sidney’s Lake Loramie wastewater treatment plant enabled Shelby County to comply with Ohio EPA water quality standards and allow the facility to increase treatment capacity from 400,000 gallons to 600,000 gallons per day.

The $11.8 million project was carried out by Peterson Construction and included the construction of a number of concrete elements exposed to the aggressive wastewater environment including: headworks building, installation of a two ring oxidation ditch system, final clarifier tanks, splitter box, scum pump structure, UV disinfection system (with Parshall flume), outfall pipe with headwall modifications, Biolac cell conversion to an aerobic digester (with digested sludge pumps and supernatant decant system), repurposing of existing lift station, addition of sludge drying bed structure, and a new maintenance building.

“Because concrete structures in a wastewater treatment plant are continually exposed to chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, and an array of corrosive compounds and various chemicals added during the plant’s treatment processes, the project engineer at Jones and Henry Engineers required a durable waterproofing solution for all concrete structures at the Lake Loramie facility that are submerged or exposed to wastewater,” adds Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group.

PENETRON ADMIX SB was ultimately specified by Spring Creek Corporation, the ready-mix concrete supplier, as the optimal long-term waterproofing protection solution. It was added to all concrete structures that convey or store wastewater to ensure a long service life for the concrete matrix.

Added to the concrete mix in pre-measured soluble bags to simplify the batching process, PENETRON ADMIX SB reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance, and enables the self-sealing of any existing or future hairline cracks – enhancing durability and decreasing the need for future maintenance of Lake Loramie’s treated concrete structures.

Penetron’s soluble bag packaging made dosage of the mix easy for the ready-mix concrete supplier. Peterson Construction, the project contractor, relied on the visual confirmation of the non-toxic, non-staining green tracer found in the bleed water of the PENETRON ADMIX SB-treated concrete.

“Because PENETRON ADMIX SB provides comprehensive protection against concrete deterioration from chemical attack and corrosion, it is widely considered the world’s most efficient and economic permeability-reducing concrete admixture for wastewater treatment plants like the Lake Loramie facility,” concludes Christopher Chen.