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November 7, 2018

Penetron Quality Boosts Construction in Vietnam

Focusing on enhancing concrete durability caters to local demands

Over the past 20 years, Vietnam continues to record one of the highest gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates in Asia: 7% in 2002, 8.5% in 2007 and, after stagnating during the 2008 recession, recovery to >6% annually since 2013 (compared to USA average of 3.2%). Construction is a significant economic driver for Vietnam, with 15% annual growth over the past 10 years, thanks to the government’s industrialization programs and an influx of foreign investments.

Penetron Quality Boosts Construction in Vietnam


Durable crystalline technology

“Growth is healthy, but our industry needs better quality of workmanship and construction materials,” explains Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan, CEO & Managing Director of Penetron Vietnam. “This is where the successful performance and durability of Penetron’s crystalline technology makes a tangible difference.”

Penetron technology has been used in Vietnam for nearly 20 years and continues to win an increasing number of showcase projects. “Initially, our success was based on superior product performance. It’s a technology that was proven over the course of decades in the USA and elsewhere; it simply works better,” says Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan.

On schedule and on budget

Last year’s inauguration of An Binh City, a massive US $500 million residential community development in Hanoi, underlined how PENETRON crystalline technology can help ensure the success of a project. Used extensively from An Binh’s basement foundations to the swimming pools and retaining walls, the ease of use of Penetron products and the on-site technical support of the local Penetron team helped keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Another recent highlight is the VINMEC Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s most advanced medical facility. The hospital building is seven floors tall, with three basement levels. All below-grade structures were treated with Penetron technology to ensure a waterproof concrete matrix.

Consistent quality and reliable results

“It’s a combination of product excellence and local technical support that makes Penetron technology an optimal solution,” adds Robert Revera, President and CEO of The Penetron Group. "Since the beginning, we have focused on maintaining a consistent level of quality that guarantees reliable, stable results for our clients."


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