Media Release

Penetron Waterproofs Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant Additions


The expansion of the Memphis, Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in June 2021. PENETRON ADMIX SB was used to ensure the enhanced durability of the new concrete structures.

The Henryville Membership Sanitation Corporation (H.M.S.C.) provides sewer treatment services to customers in the towns of Henryville, Memphis and Underwood, Indiana; these three communities have a combined population of just over 3,000 inhabitants. The corporation owns and operates both the Lagoon and Memphis treatment facilities.

Benefits that win the job

Due to the age of the existing facility and the demand for increased treatment capacity, this $4.5 million project expanded and upgraded the Memphis treatment facility by adding new oxidation ditches, clarifier tanks, headworks facility, and a dewatered sludge storage building.

“Initially, a different waterproofing and protection solution was specified by the consulting engineer at Heritage Engineering,” adds Christopher Chen, Director of the Penetron Group. “However, after looking at the cost benefits, the simplified dosage with pre-measured soluble bags, and the on-site support available from local Penetron representatives, the specification was revised to include PENETRON ADMIX SB as the preferred waterproofing and protection solution.”

Enhancing Concrete Durability

The concrete structures in a wastewater treatment plant are continually exposed to an aggressive environment that includes chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, an array of toxic compounds and various chemicals added during the plant’s treatment processes. Adding PENETRON ADMIX SB to the concrete mix reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance and enables self-sealing of any new or future hairline cracks to enhance the durability of these key concrete components.

The new PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete elements for the Memphis plant included the headworks structure, grit chamber, aeration oxidation oval, two clarifiers, and disinfection system. Delivered in pre-measured soluble bags, PENETRON ADMIX SB was added to over 1,100 cubic yards (844 m3) of concrete by IMI, the ready-mix supplier.

“Thanks to the on-site support provided by Penetron and our portfolio of previous WWTP projects across the USA, the Memphis WWTP project was a success,” concludes Christopher Chen.