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Penetron Waterproofs a Bold, Brassy Project in Australia


The completion of the Brasshouse Apartments in Hawthorn East, Australia, in May 2020 set a bold architectural landmark in this popular Melbourne suburb. PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof all below-grade concrete structures.

A suburb of Melbourne only 7 km (4 ½-miles) east of the city's Central Business District, Hawthorn East is home to the headquarters of some of Australia’s largest companies. The town’s leafy streets, historic mansions and prestigious schools make the area one of Melbourne’s most sought-after places to reside.

“This was an amazing project. The series of brass ribbons that encircle the building are bold and incredibly beautiful – a very memorable design,” adds Jozef van Beeck, International Sales & Marketing Director of The Penetron Group. “If you look closely, you can see that each ribbon is actually a perforated screen. This provides privacy for each of the apartment terraces, while letting in sunshine and breezes, which lightens the feel of the metal structure.”

Distinctive Use of Brass – Inside and Out

Designed by Rothelowman, an innovative Australian architectural team, the Brasshouse design draws primarily from its creative use of brass and raw concrete. The luster and visual impact of the brass metal characterizes the unique project both outside and in the apartment interiors, where the use of brass throughout each apartment is applied in small accents and finishes in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. This further highlights the use of high-quality timber, carpet flooring and elegant cabinetry in the interior design.

Built by Citi-con, a local apartment constructor, the Brasshouse Apartments comprise 48 luxury apartments (available in 1-, 2- & 3-bedroom configurations) housed in a six-floor building. Each apartment unit features balconies, terraces, & elevator access. All are positioned above a ground-level retail area (92 m2 / 1,000 square feet) and a two-level basement parking garage that accommodates 58 vehicles, 52 bicycles, storage areas and two 10,000 L (2,600 gallons) rainwater storage tanks.

“Penetron was chosen as a waterproofing solution for the below-grade concrete structures thanks to superior product performance, on-site support and follow-up quality control by the local Penetron Australia team,” says Jozef van Beeck.

Admixture in Pre-Measured Soluble Bags

Due to the relatively high groundwater levels found at the construction site, PENETRON ADMIX SB – pre-packaged in soluble bags – was used to treat the concrete for the parking garage, storage areas, elevator pits and rainwater tanks.

The convenience and ease of use of pre-measured PENETRON ADMIX soluble bags helps the ready-mix supplier save time and costs with fool-proof mixing dosage for any project. The bags dissolve quickly and completely during mixing.

"In addition to ease of use, PENETRON ADMIX is widely recognized as the leading concrete waterproofing solution that provides maximum concrete durability," concludes Jozef Van Beeck.

The brass and raw concrete of Brasshouse’s 46 luxury apartments create a memorable visual impact. Unseen is Penetron’s crystalline waterproofing of the basement structures

Packed up in ribbons: The brass and raw concrete of Brasshouse’s 46 luxury apartments create a memorable visual impact. Unseen is Penetron’s crystalline waterproofing of the basement structures.

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