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Penetron a “Fabulous” Solution for Pepperl & Fuchs Sensor Fab in Việtnam


In May 2021, the second Pepperl & Fuchs sensor fab in Việtnam was inaugurated just outside Hồ Chí Minh City. Penetron Việt Nam provided PENETRON ADMIX as a crystalline waterproofing solution to permanently – and safely – waterproof the facility’s concrete water storage tank.

Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, Pepperl & Fuchs is a global leader in the development and manufacture of electronic sensors and components. With about 6,300 employees worldwide, the company recently opened a second Vietnamese production facility in District 7 of Hồ Chí Minh City. The 271 billion VND (US$18 million) facility was designed and built by Tuan Le, a Việtnamese construction company – and a Penetron Việt Nam key account.

“The project developer specified a crystalline waterproofing admixture for the concrete water tank of the Pepperl & Fuchs sensor fab,” adds Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan, CEO & Managing Director of Penetron Việt Nam.

The 600,000-liter water tank – an essential reservoir used in the sensor manufacturing process – was cast with PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete supplied by Fic Pan U, the ready-mix concrete supplier. PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was also used for the sump pit and the fab’s ground slab. To complete the Penetron System, PENEBAR SW swellable waterstop strips were installed to permanently seal the construction joints.

Once added to the concrete mix, the proprietary chemicals in PENETRON ADMIX react in a catalytic reaction to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete. These crystals permanently seal micro-cracks, pores, and capillaries against the penetration of water or liquids from any direction – making the concrete is impermeable. In addition, PENETRON ADMIX also provides an added self-healing capability that will automatically self-heal and seal any hairline cracks that appear during the lifespan of the concrete when exposed to water.

“In addition to the durability and self-healing qualities of PENETRON ADMIX, the ease of application helped keep this LEED Gold Standard project on track," adds Kim Khanh Ngo Xuan.

Work ongoing at the second Pepperl & Fuchs sensor fab in Việtnam.

Work ongoing at the second Pepperl & Fuchs sensor fab in Việtnam.

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