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Rapid Growth in North America Region Drives Expansion of Penetron Headquarters Team


On November 10, 2021, Penetron announced the appointment of C.J. Chen as Operations Liaison for Penetron North America. His appointment underlines Penetron’s rapidly expanding customer support network which helps keep pace with booming demand for the company’s concrete durability and waterproofing products across the USA.

With his appointment as Operations Liaison at Penetron, C.J. Chen will help streamline and optimize communication and job flows between the Penetron production facilities, the order processing center, the North America sales team, and the client.

“C.J. is the ideal addition to our USA team,” adds Robert Revera, President and CEO of The Penetron Group. “His previous experience and skill set share a common thread of working with individuals and teams to improve communications and make the job at hand go as seamlessly as possible. His skills will enable him to quickly become an important part of our customer support efforts across North America.”

With an AA degree in Psychology and FAU certificates in Hospitality Management, C.J. Chen is thoroughly at home when managing job flows and taking care of the customer. “My education and work history give me an understanding of how people function and the importance of dialogue and working together. By helping both sides, we can best manage expectations and deliver a consistent and positive customer experience.”

With the industry coming back from the worst of the pandemic, Penetron continues to enjoy strong demand for its crystalline waterproofing technology across all regions of the USA. The company is aggressively expanding its customer support team to help maintain a reputation for excellent performance – of both its products and its teams working with clients.

“I’m excited about my work at Penetron,” concludes C.J. “It’s a company that has become an industry leader thanks to their focus on constant improvement and in their interactions with customers, designers, and internal operations. The strong emphasis on communication and on-time delivery will help us maintain a high-level of customer service, even during the heady growth we’re seeing now.”

“The talents, expertise, and commitment of people from across our global network help us continually improve our overall efforts,” adds Robert Revera. “We’re thrilled to welcome C.J. to our USA organization. He will be an outstanding addition to headquarters and our global team!”

C.J. Chen will help streamline and support job processes and support Penetron’s customer support teams in the field and the back office.

Working with the client: C.J. Chen will help streamline and support job processes and support Penetron’s customer support teams in the field and the back office.

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