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Singapore’s Spectacular ‘Lifestyle Hub’ Built on Penetron Technology


The July 2019 opening of Jewel, a lifestyle hub that transforms Singapore’s Changi Airport into a veritable tourist destination, combines a breathtaking indoor waterfall with a luxurious shopping mall. Penetron waterproofing technology provided a durable concrete foundation for the undertaking.

“Earlier this year, Singapore’s Changi Airport won Skytrax’s “Best Airport in the World” award for the h seventh year in a row,” notes Jozef Van Beeck, Director of International Sales & Marketing for The Penetron Group. “A month later, Jewel was inaugurated, and I’m confident it will extend Singapore’s winning streak even further!”

An architectural showcase that interconnects the Changi Airport terminals, Jewel’s massive doughnut-shaped building took almost five years to build. The S$1.78 billion (US$ 1.35 billion) project was designed by the renowned Moshe Safdie and RSP Architects. Built on the previous airport parking lot, Jewel spans over 137,000 m2 and is 10-floors high. At the center of this enormous glass dome is Jewel’s centerpiece, a 40-meter (130-foot) Rain Vortex – the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. From an opening in the ceiling of the dome structure, recirculating rainwater falls seven floors down into the basement below to cool the verdant, indoor Forest Valley.

Setting a Travel Benchmark

“Part luxury mall and part indoor rainforest, it’s certainly no exaggeration to say that Jewel sets an entirely new benchmark in international airport design and air travel,” adds Jozef Van Beeck.

The rainforest, with plant species collected from China, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand and the USA, encircles the Rain Vortex in a lush, five-story high forest made up of more than 2,000 trees and thousands of flowers and shrubs. Above it all, the 14,000 m2 Canopy Park invites visitors to enjoy the walking trails, the Sky Tram that weaves through the rainforest, and countless flower sculptures.

A City with Many Gardens

“Similar to Gardens by the Bay, a 250-acre nature park in central Singapore, Jewel will add to Singapore’s reputation as the “City in a Garden,’” notes William Chang, Director of Maxbond Singapore, the local Penetron representative. “And it’s no coincidence that both landmarks are also Penetron projects!”

Along the perimeter of the dome are 280 local and international restaurants, bars and retail outlets, including a multi-screen IMAX theater, a 130-room hotel, and supermarket. This world-class shopping and dining experience is sure to be a popular hangout for not only travelers, but local residents as well.

Trusted Waterproofing Solution

Penetron solutions have been extensively applied throughout the Changi Airport in the past, most notably, in the construction of the airport’s Terminal 3. Penetron’s successful track record made the crystalline technology the first choice for the project engineers, who needed a way to protect Jewel’s vital concrete elements against water ingress and deterioration.

For the large basement slab, elevator pits, water storage tanks, and the numerous passenger ramps, PENETRON ADMIX was added to over 32,000 m3 (42,000 cubic yards) of concrete supplied by Pan United and Alliance Concrete.

As a permeability-reducing concrete admixture that provides comprehensive protection against concrete deterioration, PENETRON ADMIX withstands hydrostatic pressure and can significantly increase concrete durability and service life.

Withstanding Thermal Stress

PENESEAL PRO, a spray-on liquid sealer, was applied to Jewel’s exposed concrete surfaces, including planters, fire department access ramps, drop-off points, the HVAC rooms, the Forest Valley slabs, and reinforced concrete equalization tanks.

PENESEAL PRO forms a barrier to seal hairline cracks and protect concrete against water penetration by creating a sub-surface gel that seals the pores, capillaries and micro-cracks. The product remains active as long as water is present, sealing any future hairline cracks.

Connecting the Changi Airport terminals, Jewel’s massive doughnut-shaped building has the Rain Vortex at its center – and Penetron crystalline protection below

Luxury mall and indoor rainforest: Connecting the Changi Airport terminals, Jewel’s massive doughnut-shaped building has the Rain Vortex at its center – and Penetron crystalline protection below.

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