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April 21, 2017

The Future of Concrete is Green

Why the construction industry celebrates Earth Day on April 22nd

“Concrete remains an extremely cost-effective and adaptable building material, and this high level of utility has driven the push to recent innovations that make it’s use more environmentally friendly.” says Robert Revera, President & CEO of the PENETRON Group.

Cement manufacturers are striving to reduce the environmental impact of concrete by:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by replacing some of the Portland cement in a concrete mix with substitutes (ground granulated blast furnace flag, fly ash, etc.)

  •  Using larger quantities of CO2 during concrete production through new technology processes

  •  Educating engineers and building designers about concrete’s sustainable aspects to help create “greener” projects

  • Eliminating the use of liners and membranes to reduce maintenance and provide longer lifetimes for the concrete

  • Increasing overall durability of concrete by integrating waterproofing and resistance to chemical attack with crystalline materials 

“The last two points underlines how PENETRON crystalline technology adds substantial durability and impermeability to concrete,” adds Robert Revera. “Our products represent a positive step towards sustainability, smarter use of resources and “greener” construction practices.”

Recent examples of sustainable construction that count on PENETRON’s crystalline technology include:

All PENETRON products are completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and non-toxic
  • Superadobe School, Nepal – developed by CalEarth, this earthquake-resistant building system combines traditional earth architecture with current global safety standards – and uses PENETRON ADMIX for added waterproofing and durability.

  • University of Calgary EEEL, Canada – innovative, energy-saving and sustainable technologies qualified the EEEL for a LEED Platinum certificate; below-grade concrete used PENETRON ADMIX to maximize durability and water resistance.

  • Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – the waterfront gardens are a horticultural attraction and showcase of sustainable energy technology that use PENETRON technology that helped the Gardens win a “GREEN LABEL,” the local environmental standard for sustainable products and services. 

All PENETRON products are completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and non-toxic, making them compatible for potable water or food containing applications. Being a green-label certified system, PENETRON also conforms to international green building standards.

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