Media Release

Wisconsin Wastewater Plant Specifies PENETRON ADMIX to Protect Concrete from Sulfates and Corrosion


Completed in September 2023, the extensive upgrade and expansion of the Town of Sullivan Sanitary District No. 1 wastewater treatment plant in Sullivan, WI, now provides the region expanded treatment capacity that also meets new environmental regulations. PENETRON ADMIX SB was specified as a permanent waterproofing solution to protect key concrete structures from the aggressive wastewater environment.

The $7.3 million project combined wastewater treatment for the Town of Sullivan Sanitary District No. 1 and the Village of Sullivan into a single, regional facility at the district's existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The Village facility, constructed in 1959, was nearing capacity and did not meet new effluent phosphorus limits, nor could the facility be further expanded. It now uses a new lift station and force main to convey wastewater to the expanded regional facility.

The extensive list of upgrades and new construction for the Town of Sullivan Sanitary District No. 1 WWTP included renovation of the existing pump station and administration building; new construction included a new process control building (housing the influent screening and sampling areas, the return activated sludge (RAS) pumps, chemical feed, and electrical and water system components), a new oxidation ditch, two new covered circular clarifiers with UV disinfection and effluent flow metering, renovation of the existing final clarifier into an aerated sludge holding tank, a new sludge storage tank, and a new well.

Upgrade to Meet New Regulations

“The Sanitary District site can accommodate a larger regional facility and now meets the new phosphorus limits,” explains Christopher Chen, Director of The Penetron Group. “Space for future expansion and improvements is also guaranteed.”

During the planning phase of the project, C.D. Smith Construction, the general contractor, outlined the need for a durable waterproofing solution for the new concrete elements exposed to the aggressive wastewater environment. Dodge Concrete, the ready-mix concrete supplier, recommended PENETRON ADMIX SB, which was approved by Town & Country Engineering, the project’s engineering firm.

Protected Against Sulfate Attack and Corrosion

PENETRON ADMIX SB was added to waterproof and protect the oxidation ditch, the influent screening structure, clarifiers, holding tanks, and sludge storage tanks. The treated concrete elements are now waterproof (i.e., reduced permeability) and protected against sulfate attack and corrosion.

The active ingredients in PENETRON ADMIX SB react with water to form insoluble crystals, which fill in cracks, pores, and voids in the concrete – becoming an integral part of the concrete matrix. This prevents liquids (and harmful chemicals) to penetrate the concrete, which mitigates corrosion and sulfate-related deterioration, prolonging the overall service life of the concrete.

"We recommended PENETRON ADMIX SB for its ease of dosage, as well as the company’s customer service, technical expertise, and competitive pricing," adds Steve Lulich, Vice President & Co-Owner, Dodge Concrete.