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July 20, 2015

A Bridge to the Past – Built on PENETRON

Adding new pedestrian portals to the historic 1836 Lennox Bridge in Parramatta (NSW), Australia created a walk through the history of the area. PENETRON crystalline technology provided a durable and waterproof solution for the new concrete structures.

pedestrian tunnels in the 1836 Lennox Bridge

Looking at history: 19th century relics were revealed during work on new concrete structures (using PENETRON ADMIX) for pedestrian tunnels in the 1836 Lennox Bridge.

Located in Parramatta, a suburb and major business district in the metropolitan area of Sydney, the Lennox Bridge is a sandstone single arch bridge across the Parramatta River. The bridge was originally designed and built under the supervision of David Lennox in 1836 and completed by 1839. Recently, the Parramatta City Council approved a project to extend the shoreline pathways as portals through the bridge foundations.

The architectural team at Hill Thalis Architecture & Urban Projects designed the new portals and Abergeldie Contractors were awarded the contract for the construction of two portals within the State Heritage-listed Lennox Bridge. The project also involved contiguous piling, excavation, installation of structural concrete in-situ culvert, service relocation and adjustment, internal fit-out and services, road realignment including curb and gutter and road pavement works, footpath paving, installation of a new sandstone balustrade and, finally, landscaping.

Initially, the bridge stonework was cleaned and re-pointed and a historically consistent curved balustrade with projecting cornice was reinstated. New stone was lowered into place by masons using Lewis pins – just as Lennox’s masons did almost 180 years ago. In contrast, the portal openings are contemporary as a smooth cut through the abutment stonework, which revealed surprising relics from the past.

“This bridge is a historic landmark that documents some of the history of Parramatta,” notes Jozef Van Beeck, International Sales & Marketing Director of The PENETRON Group. “Our PENETRON team worked with the architects and the contractors to ensure a durable waterproofing solution for the concrete structures used in the new bridge portals.”

PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat over 600 m3 for both the north and south portals, the roof slabs, walls and the base slab. PENEBAR SW-55 was installed to all horizontal and vertical construction joints (200 m) between slabs, slab/walls and wall/walls where the break in the pour schedule created joints. All external tie bolt holes were treated with a U-Plug and the combination of PENETRON slurry and PENECRETE Mortar. V/O Patch was selected to treat all internal tie bolt holes due to the near color matching of 40MPa concrete. Some of the internal tie holes would be left exposed and it was important to the client that the finished product maintained a high quality finish for this historical project.

“PENETRON is proud to contribute to a historic project that unexpectedly gives a cross-section view of the past in Parramatta,” says Jozef Van Beeck. “The finished portals are modern and look good, and our crystalline waterproofing technology provides a solution that will last and last.”

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