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May 22, 2017

An Binh Ready for Residents Thanks to PENETRON

Time for PENETRON: While the concrete sets, the bags of PENETRON PLUS, a dry shake application, and PENETRON, a cementitious topical material (both in foreground), are ready for action.

PENETRON goes to work: After an initial dry shake application, PENETRON PLUS will give greater impact and abrasion resistance to the concrete substrate at An Binh City, Hanoi.

Getting started in Hanoi: The concrete pour for the foundation slabs of the An Binh City residential towers (each 28-35 floors) began at night.

The April 2017 completion of the An Binh project, a massive residential community development in Hanoi, Vietnam, brings thousands of luxury apartments to the local market. An Binh City employed PENETRON crystalline technology extensively – from the basement foundations to the swimming pools and retaining walls. 

Regardless of the size of the project, the PENETRON System provides proven performance parameters to waterproof concrete and enhance durability of the structure. The ease of use of PENETRON ADMIX and the on-site technical support of the local PENETRON experts help keep a project on schedule and on budget, especially when compared with alternative membrane solutions and polymer coatings.
The apartments in the An Binh City complex provide European luxury style living combined with gardens and open spaces. Virtually a self-enclosed community, the project included four-season swimming pools, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, a spa and wellness areas, and a gym, as well as international schools and a kindergarten.
Developed by Geleximco of Hanoi, the US $500 million An Binh City project included the construction of eight towers (each varying in height from 28-35-floors) and two basement floors, covering a total area of 45 hectares (112 acres).
With only a single project, PENETRON has helped create over 356,000 m2 (3.83 million square feet) of new residential space. An Binh City has added 2,732 luxury units to the Hanoi property market.
PENETRON PLUS, a dry shake application for areas that need greater impact and abrasion resistance, was widely used to treat the ground slab of the basement structures and the podium slab between the towers for a total treated area of 38,000 m2 (409,000 square feet). PENETRON ADMIX was added to 5,000 m3 (6,540 cubic yards) of concrete used for the swimming pools, water tanks and other concrete structures. PENETRON topical crystalline coating was applied to the positive side of 4,000 m2 (43,000 square feet) of retaining walls to completely waterproof and protect the concrete against any water penetration.
Because the An Binh City owners enjoyed success with PENETRON technology in a previous Green Star project, they decided to forego a bituminous membrane system and a polymer coating solution for this project and chose a PENETRON crystalline protection system.

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