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January 6, 2015

PENETRON Helps Turn Garbage into Power

As Europe's most modern waste-fired “Combined Heat & Power” (CHP) plant, the Filbornaverket facility is now fully online in Helsingborg, Sweden. PENETRON technology was used to ensure a completely waterproofed below grade foundation.

The Filbornaverket power plant under construction.

Filbornaverket is a “waste-to-energy” plant that utilizes combustible household and commercial waste to produce electricity and district heating for the local grid of the town of Helsingborg in Sweden. The CHP technology produces steam, heat and electricity to provide 18 MW of electricity and 60 MW of district heating; this is equivalent to the annual energy requirements for about 6,000 family homes.

The Filbornaverket plant can burn approx. 200,000 tons of waste per year – at an overall thermal efficiency of almost 100%.

Pen-Tec, the PENETRON partner in Scandinavia, was called into the project to provide a reliable concrete waterproofing solutionthat would provide protection against various aggressive compounds found in the waste contents.

With the groundwater table varying between 8-10 meters (26-33 feet), Pen-Tec worked with NCC Construction Sweden AB to ensure a successful solution. The finished concrete structure is 155 meters (510 feet) long and 50 meters (164 feet) high, with an 85 meter (280 feet) high smokestack; the storage tank is 18 meters (60 feet) high.

PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat approximately 1,400 m3 for the bottom shaft and walls (14 meters / 46 feet deep) and another 17,000 m3 for the intake shaft.

“The concrete pour was done in the middle of winter, at temperatures of -3 to -5°C. With higher temperatures in the spring, which also warmed the concrete, the technical team noted the self-healing properties of PENETRON ADMIX had sealed all the cracks in the concrete,” adds Robert Revera, President and CEO of The PENETRON Group. “The added protection of our admixture against corrosive agents will enhance durability, extending the lifetime of the concrete structures at Filbornaverket.”

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