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August 20, 2007

Penetron Overcomes Another Unique Waterproofing Problem in Bulgaria - Sofia, Bulgaria

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria the Boiana Apartment Project encountered both design and construction issues with the areas high ground water level. The Penetron system of products proved to be the solution to combat these problems.

ICS Penetron International Ltd is pleased to announce its involvement in another uniquely challenging project.

The area of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is surrounded on all sides by pristine mountain ranges which include the majestic Vitosha Mountain. The Sofia Valley is the largest in the country and encompasses an area of 460 Square miles. The water runoff from the mountains provides a constant source of water for the many natural mineral springs in the area. However, these same runoffs help to maintain a high groundwater level.

For the Boiana Apartment project, this constant flow of high level groundwater proved to be difficult for both the construction and design of the project.

Knowing that the water problems of the area would be a constant issue throughout the life of the building and that they would need to use a product that offered permanent waterproofing protection under extreme heads of pressure, the Penetron system of crystalline waterproofing was chosen.

Specifying the use of Penetron, Penecrete and Peneplug products across a combined area of 1300 square meters of concrete, this luxurious residential project consisting of 5 floors, 23 apartments and a 2 level underground parking structure was completely waterproofed.

"With the application of the Penetron system of waterproofing and the protection of concrete through internal crystalline growth, Penetron products continue to lend themselves to new and unique applications and we are pleased that they have been able to provide a solution for the Boiana Apartment Project," stated Robert Revera, CEO/Managing Partner.

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