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59th Street Pump Station

59th Street Pump Station

Galveston Island, TX, USA

Category: Water Treatment & Storage


The 59th Street Pump Station on Galveston Island is the city's primary source of fresh water. The interior of the new pump station features a break room, a restroom, and disinfection rooms for the storage and distribution of chlorine and liquid ammonia sulfate (LAS), which are both used as disinfectants in the drinking water treatment process. There are also analysis systems to test and monitor concentration levels in the water, an electrical room and a mechanical/control room.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX SB – in pre-measured, soluble bags – was specified to treat over 1,500 yds3 (1,150 m3) of concrete. All concrete elements within the pump station below the 25-foot elevation were treated with PENETRON ADMIX. In addition, PENECRETE MORTAR was used to permanently seal the resulting tie holes in the new concrete structure.

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