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Baltimore Electrical Vault

Baltimore Electrical Vault

Baltimore, MD, USA

Category: Energy


Utility companies in Baltimore are making substantial investments to upgrade the 115 kV electrical grid that incorporates Baltimore’s substations. The large, below-grade vault contains high voltage power equipment, including high pressure conduits lined with pressurized liquid to insulate from the foundation. The design of the high tech electrical substation included modification of the exterior walls to account for flooding conditions and minimize flood water displacement.

Products Used:

Since the 1.2-acre site for this station is located in a riverine floodplain zone, over 4,000 cubic yards (3,058 m3) of concrete were treated with PENETRON ADMIX SB to create three-foot thick concrete walls and a massive base slab for the live electrical vault. PENETRON topical waterproofing material was applied to any cracks on the surface before backfilling the structure.

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