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Basilica Fulvia-Aemilia

Basilica Fulvia-Aemilia

Rome, Italy

Category: Tourist Attraction


During the renovation of a Renaissance palace as an art gallery in central Rome just yards away from the Column of Trajan, the architectural footings of the Basilica Ulpia, a law court built by Emperor Trajan in 112 AD, were discovered in the basement. State archeologists recommended that part of the basilica paving be restored and left visible, but it was subject to intrusion from groundwater.

Products Used:

The PENETRON System was used with a cavity fill method. Considering the age of the concrete foundations, it was necessary to increase the free calcium by adding a calcium acetate solution before filling the cavities with the PENETRON slurry. The area was soon completely dry, allowing sections of this almost 2,000-year old structure to be restored.

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