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Beloyarsk Atomic Power Plant

Beloyarsk Atomic Power Plant

Zarechniy City, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

Category: Energy


The second nuclear power station to be built in the USSR in 1964. Their main novelty was the use of superheated steam that ran through a standard turbine thus resulting in a better efficiency. The first Beloyarsk unit produced was about 285 MW heat of which about 100 MW was converted to electricity. The second unit, which used two turbines, had a similar conversion efficiency of about 36%. The newest neutron reactor BN-800 is the fastest and was started into operation in 2015.

Products Used:

With decades of operation, the concrete structures have been affected. This has led to significant reconstruction and then expansion of the Atomic Power Station. Waste treatment systems, nuclear waste basins, salt reservoirs, the forebay of the shore pumping station located at the third power-generating unit and the dam were all treated with the PENETRON system.

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