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Boguchany Dam

Boguchany Dam

Kodinsk, Russia

Category: Energy


The Boguchany Dam, located on the Angara River in Kodinsk (Siberia) is 2,587m long and combines a 774m long reinforced concrete segment with the power station and a 1,813m long rock-fill segment with an asphaltene-concrete diaphragm wall along its entire length. The facility began production in 2012 and will reach full capacity of 17.6 TWh by 2013. Currently the largest dam in Russia, most of the power generated will be dedicated to a large new aluminum smelter opening in 2013.

Products Used:

Deterioration of the older concrete parts of the dam required repair and waterproofing to withstand high hydrostatic pressure; PENETRON, PENECRETE MORTAR, and WATERPLUG were successfully used on the concrete structures.

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