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Briman Strategic Water Reservoir

Briman Strategic Water Reservoir

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Category: Water Treatment & Storage


The Briman Strategic Water Reservoir project was completed by the NWC at a cost of approximately US$200 million (SAR 753.5M) to meet the growing needs in Jeddah. The first phase of construction began with a capacity of 1.5 million m3 of water; the second and third phases added a further 4.5 million m3, to bring the total storage of water for Jeddah to 6 million m3. The reservoir system now comprises 11 circular tanks, each 120 m (400 feet) in diameter and 18 m (60 feet) high. All tanks are hydraulically linked, providing a storage volume of over 2.06 million m3 (544,195,000 gallons) of drinking water — the equivalent of 800 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Products Used:

PENETRON, a surface-applied, integral crystalline waterproofing material was employed, along with PENECRETE MORTAR, used with PENETRON for filling non-moving cracks and construction joints, and PENEPLUG, a rapid-setting, cementitious compound that stops active leaks (even under high hydrostatic pressure). This system ensures the durability and impermeability of the concrete used for the new tanks.

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