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Bundall Corporate Centre II

Bundall Corporate Centre II

Bundall, Australia

Category: Office Building


The Bundall Corporate Center is an 8,000m2 office building with some construction challenges: a 2-level basement car park below the water table and acidic / sulphate soil conditions. A watertight raft slab was needed to ensure that water and chemical ingress did not corrode the steel reinforcement and deteriorate the concrete. The use of pre-cast panels as retaining walls meant that all vertical joints between the panels also needed to be watertight;

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was incorporated into the concrete for the raft slab, all precast panels and on the suspended podium deck. PENEBAR SW 45 rapid and PENEBAR SW 55 were used to waterproof all construction joints. Over 4,000m3 of concrete was treated with PENETRON ADMIX and 1,200m of PENEBAR was installed in the construction joints. Test results showed that concrete dosed with PENETRON ADMIX has a significantly higher compressive strength compared to standard concrete.

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