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Chistopolskaya-Amirkhana Highway Intersections

Chistopolskaya-Amirkhana Highway Intersections

Kazan, Russia

Category: Transport


Completed in time for the 2013 Summer Universiade student games held in the city of Kazan, these two-level intersections of the Chistopolskaya-Amirkhana roads include a tunnel and bridges. Most of the construction work was completed during harsh winter weather and temperatures.

Products Used:

The local PENETRON team recommended a range of PENETRON crystalline products to ensure impermeability of the concrete and optimized durability. PENETRON ADMIX, PENEBAR SW waterstops and PENETRON topical material were applied to the concrete elements of the roads, bridges and tunnel. The tunnel features over 20 (PENETRON-treated) sumps that now eliminate the previous flooding.

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