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City Park Ice-Skating Rink

City Park Ice-Skating Rink

Budapest, Hungary

Category: Entertainment, Tourist Attraction


Created in the first half of the 19th century, Budapest’s City Park (Városliget) Ice Skating Rink is Central Europe’s biggest. In the summer, the facility is converted into a lake for boat rides, festivals and other events. The renovation of the 16,800 m2 ice-rink, the reception building and an unrestored wing of the old building, destroyed during WW2, prepared the facility for the 2012 European Speed Skating Championship. Extreme temperature differences (winter/summer, day/night) and the proximity of water to the concrete posed key challenges for the project.

Products Used:

PENETRON ADMIX was used to waterproof the public utility tunnels,4,000m3 of concrete exposed to about 1m of water on the lake side and 2.5-3.0m of ground water. The hairline cracks that developed during concrete hydration were completely sealed within days after ponding the slab.

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