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Călineşti Wastewater Treatment Plant

Călineşti Wastewater Treatment Plant

Călineşti, Romania

Category: Water Treatment & Storage


This water treatment plant suffered massive losses of water due to casting defects and faulty waterproofing within the water storage unit. The concrete structure showed numerous cracks, faulty construction joints, honeycombs and wooden spacers incorrectly left in the concrete structure. To eliminate the considerable seepage, MDA Engineering, the project managers, worked with the PENETRON team to identify and implement the optimal solution.

Products Used:

To eliminate the water seepage problem, all joints between the slab, elevator structures and any cracks greater than 0.4mm were treated with the PENETRON System. All cracks were drilled out and filled with layers (maximum 2.5 cm) of PENECRETE MORTAR, then the whole surface was treated with two layers of PENETRON crystalline material. Any further water seepage was reduced then stopped within a couple of weeks.

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