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Delaware Upground Reservoir

Delaware Upground Reservoir

Columbus, OH, USA

Category: Water Treatment & Storage


When Ohio’s capital city, Columbus, evaluated its drinking water infrastructure, it discovered a serious shortfall in the water supply system. The solution included construction of three upground reservoirs with a nine billion gallon capacity built on 843 acres of retired farm land. It supplies at least 29 million gallons per day (MGD) to the region.

Products Used:

Both the water intake and outlet structures of the Delaware Reservoir were treated with our crystalline waterproofing solution. The outlet structure treated with PENETRON ADMIX holds back approximately nine billion gallons of water when the reservoir is filled to capacity. In addition to the extreme hydrostatic pressures the structure is exposed to, the reservoir is fully protected from chemical attack, freeze/thaw damage and corrosion of the embedded reinforcing steel.

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