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Department of Sanitation Garage Manhattan

Department of Sanitation Garage Manhattan

New York, NY, USA

Category: Transport


A five-level structure with a total area of about 427,250 square feet (39,700m2), the Manhattan District 1/2/5 Garage serves the Department of Sanitation New York and UPS. With approximately 266 parking spaces, the Garage accommodates storage, offices, over 150 sanitation vehicles, separate vehicle wash and personnel facilities, and centralized fueling and repair facilities.

Products Used:

The building was constructed on a concrete slab with pilings (no cellar) using PENETRON ADMIX SB. In addition, there are two 4,000-gallon underground tanks, also treated with PENETRON ADMIX, for storage of liquid calcium chloride, which is used to melt snow and ice. Overall, about 16,000 cubic yards (12,230 m3) of concrete were treated with PENETRON ADMIX for all concrete structures.

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